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preparing wheat

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  • preparing wheat

    As a regular visitor to Cavan, Ireland I am trying to cut back on spiraling bait costs,eg castors. Have any of you guys ever used wheat to bulk your groundbait out? If so how long does it need to be boiled for and whats the best way of storing it. Thanks Rich.

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    Hi Rich
    I use wheat as a bait for roach here in Scarborough a lot, from march to first frost with very good results it helps to cut through the smaller fish.
    I`m starting to get some success with red wheat for tench, and carp are getting there, mind we have just stocked with 500 3to4lb carp for next year`s fishing i would have liked it to have been silver fish instead.

    Ok my preparation is by soaking the wheat grains for several hours in cold water, drain off the water then putting the grains in a pan of water and bring to the boil for 5 min then turn down and let simmer (at this time i had the red food dye,) until they have swollen and split open they must be washed in cold water to stop them cooking and if i think they will take it add vanilla flavor to them. They can be frozen same as hemp and tares if you freeze them cook them for less time and they don't go to mush, well mine do.

    fish them like hemp and push the bend of the hook into the split of the grain as to the hook for two grains i use a size 10 0r 12 and or a single grain a size 14.

    If you can get it try Pearl barley cook till soft its smaller and i think it can out fish wheat and if you find a shoal of dace well expect a good days fishing.

    Wow did i write that lot

    I hope that this will help you.