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What do we expect from our poles?

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  • What do we expect from our poles?

    Im a great believer that a pole is just a pole, I read a load of stuff on the site about poles, like, 'mines the best pole', 'so and so is the best make', 'dont get this one' or 'dont get that one, i heard it breaks too easy', and so on.

    I think a pole is like a football team, you like the team, you buy the shirt. As for poles breaking, I think alot of top 2 and number 4's break because people use their top 3's for a top 2. They just cut them down to save money, then put red or black hydro in them. However, they are not power top kits, I have done this myself and broken them.

    I think the No 4 breaks because we dont let the elastic do the work and pull back too hard, I dont think its the price or the make, I just think we expect too much from our poles.

    I just wonder what you lads think on this?
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    for me the pole is a extension of my arm if you miss use it you will break it.. it not how much it is, i have two maver pole's and 4 garbolino pole but they all do the same thing catch fish that what they are for. and yes i am one of them who like a football team and buys the shirt i think we all do that we pick one and stay with it.. but the pole is only as good as the person who is using it. i think i have got to agree with you bro but i did not use my top three as top two's as you know what i mean?????


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      well i have to agree with our dynamic duo...i am still using my master aces no intention of looking for a new one
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        I dont think its just misuse , they just dont make them as they use to . Poles are a bit like women, if u've got a good un keep hold of it . lol


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          Tackle Tarts

          Cost isn't everything, it don't make you catch more fish!
          I have a couple of tricast poles that have never let me down, They're tough and reliable and by no means the most expensive, however I must say I'm a bit of a tackle tart myself when it comes to seat boxes..... I'm a bit of a slapper when I'm on a RIVE !!!!! Don't ya just luv 'em!!!!


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            I have never broken a pole or top kit yet and some of my poles haven't been grate but now i have a very very strong pole and i can tell the difference in the sections ect ;However i don't want to feel over confident in the pole just because it cost more money because if you don't let the elastic do the work and you try and man handle a lump you will get what you deserve(a broken section).
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              no i also dont think it the price i have the G796 and a old preston lerc i love that preston pole and i have even had a 25lb carp on it.

              not sure its that they dont make them like the used to. when i first started using a pole i was told that it was the way to go and that it would win me the odd match, cuz you can target the 3 to 7lb carp rather than wait for that one big lump,
              now we want them to bring in the much bigger carp.

              Imo i dont think the poles today can hadle it.
              the worst thing is that the more money you spend the thinner it is yes it lighter
              but at 16 meters after 5 hours they are all
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                that's what i meant bad.boy bagger , the first pole i owned , was a silstar royal westminster and you could of put the sections together a million times and got no wear from them , there was no such thing as joint save back then but they stayed great , now after a seasons or twos use there on there way out , personally i think they could put something on to stop wear but obviously they don't want to


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                  no dont think they will some how it keeps us buying they
                  and man how many poles do they want to bring out in one year
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                    you know bro that i fished for a long time with my premier legion and that's a pole as you have found out. but at 16 meter's it is heavy. due to the thickness of the carbon and you have see the difference in the thickness when you put the g796 next to it and you have seen how strong it is. i have had a lot of big carp on the premier legion when i was using it i have just got the g796. just have to take a bit more care when playing a fish i have read so many thing's about the g796, that they are breaking no4's and no6's with the wind also when playing fish. i just have to take a little bit longer to get them in but it is a nice pole just the same........


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                      yes but this is what i am trying to say. that we are still looking at the old poles and they dont make them like that now.

                      even if you spent £2000 on a pole it still would fill heavy after 5 hours it does help now we have these spray bars.
                      as for the breaking of the G796 i think that the pepole that get them still try to use them like there old poles they are just not as thick as the old stuff thats why they break them

                      and i also think that a lot of pepole think by spending more money on a pole it will do more than there other pole did. that cost them £400,
                      no what you get is a lighter and thinner pole, and thats why i think they get broken a lot of the time
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