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Best angling memory of 2007

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  • Best angling memory of 2007

    What is your best angling memory of 2007, it can be a match win, pleasure net, speciman fish or just meeting some one who helped you put more fish in the net.

    For me it was coming 4th in the eye kettleby fisho, not because of the money but the fact on the worse lake (7) and packed together like sardines i had tom pickering in my section and the likes of mark pollard on the lake and i also beat steve ringer and other sponsered anglers. For me that was a great feeling and having tom pickering telling me i'd fished a good match and also asking me how i had done it was great.
    Steve Davies

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    Mine is Meeting Dave as he tells me lots about fishing and i must annoy the hell out of him.
    [FONT="System"][COLOR="Black"]Matt.Ingram be the name
    Guess who is back...


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      Well done on that result D N W . For my money thats the beauty of this fishing lark , compeating against some of the best around , beating them and then giving them advice , but best of all , they usually remember so you can then tap them up for info when you need it . Always remember " it's fun to share" . My highlight was a match win with 23lbs , this was one tench of 3lbs and the rest roach , but not just the winning , the sun was out , the river was just tripping and the company was A1 , shame it was the last day of the river season .


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        Bitter sweet but,
        Winning at Sherwood (maunside canal lake) after breaking my no5 halfway through the match. Set up a small bomb rod just to sit out the rest of the match & was busier than I had been on the pole.
        Won by 1oz..........Loved it


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          seeing 228 anglers turn up to fish the breast cancer charity match at lindholme


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            My highlight would have to be taking a lad off maggotdrowning to try and catch his 1st barbel.

            He had been a few times but failed, He was getting loads of grief from every one on there....i tried to help.

            this is what happened.

            The Maggotdrowner's Forum - I DIDNT get one Barbel, not ONE


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              Deciding in August to dust off my tackle and make a return to this great sport after a 3 year or so gap. Loved every minute of it since.
              Part time fisherman. Full time legend ;)


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                my best mem of 07

                my best memory of 07 was cathing my p.b mirror from salford park in b.ham after 5 blanks there it was a cracker at 24lb 7oz.chris hen.


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                  Having the heaviest bag between me and my mate in our annual challenge and once again recieving our usual bet of new lines for all reels and a case of carling roll on 2008.