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woodhouse grange winter league

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  • woodhouse grange winter league

    woodhouse grange winter leauge (DONCASTER)

    10 matches in total, drop worst 2, count best 8,

    November 5th, 19th,

    December 3rd, 17th, 31st,

    January 14th, 28th,

    february 11th, 25th,

    March 11th,

    £30.00 to enter and £13.00 per match which includes pools and peg fee, sections paid out on the day, £50.00 to section winer and £30.00 to section runer up. main money will be paid at the end of the leauge.

    to book your place please contact woodhouse grange on 07702 189657.


  • #2
    should be another good one this year, especially now the fish have grown.

    I'll put money on me drawing Ghost lake 4 times on trot again. lol


    • #3
      Atleast you should know what to do this time if you draw same lake


      • #4
        ha ya you would think so, i had same peg 3 times. blamked on it first time then got a 3rd and a 2nd off it.
        thing is 4 lakes are in it so you would think that out of 10 matches ya would of been on at least all 4 lakes once, but not me. Cobble lake and Ghost lake. all winter.

        Still, very enjoyable.


        • #5
          Does it go to bloodworm and joker in the winter or is it not allowed?
          Simon Young
          Talk Angling UK fishing chat and tackle
          web design Doncaster - Limitless Digital


          • #6
            no its the same bait rules as summer. pellet, corn, maggot, caster, worm. just your normal baits. No Meat either.

            some really good weights last year, so should be much better this year.


            • #7
              zone whats the odds of you drawing the same peg three times this year, i think dropping only two matches out of ten will make it an interesting leauge as it will keep the points tight to the very end.


              • #8
                come on ton up you know how unlucky my drawin arm was in the pairs. lol, think there is every chance of me drawin bad, n you know you and Crocadile dudley will be on fliers. as always ha.

                is Yani not interested in it.


                • #9
                  Not all pole fishing as well by all accounts?

                  Im sure Ashmi mentioned that a few matches were won on the wag last year?


                  • #10
                    yes thats right painy you can win on allmost anything, the wag was scoring well with the ide up in the water on magott, the groundbait feeder, bomb and corn, can also produce some match winning weights.

                    zone so its peg 27 on the cobble then. lol


                    • #11
                      lol, ton up. if only. ha.

                      that was a one off in the pairs league. ok maybe 4 times a one off. lol

                      hope the pegs on cobble are different this year to be fair like. i know they were 1 - 10 last year cos of the conditions and they were the perfect pegs and some great weights were taken, but lets be honest we would prefer the other side. dont you agree

                      oh and wots the odds of drawin old croc dudley in my section 4 more times. ha at least it wa 2-2 so i didnt loose my £1. lol


                      • #12
                        Are there a few anglers there that walk it and have it sorted then or does it tend to be reasonably fair?
                        Simon Young
                        Talk Angling UK fishing chat and tackle
                        web design Doncaster - Limitless Digital


                        • #13
                          To be honest there are a few anglers that do frame SOME of the times in the opens, but thats the great thing with the winter league, its not just one match. and with them payin out on match day and overall it makes it very interestin.

                          But it does all depend on the draw as well, i think we all know if the fish ain't there it don't really matter who is on the peg.


                          • #14
                            not long to go now till it kicks off, cant wait.


                            • #15
                              my god Sunday can't come soon enough. Ton up i hear we are near the target number of people, should be an excellant league this winter, be even better if we can get more names.
                              Can't wait to start my £1 collection off of Mr Dudley Again, lol.

                              how did you do at the weekend?