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The Draw bag, your thoughts?

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  • The Draw bag, your thoughts?

    How does everyone approach the draw bag and do you believe there is a special technique?

    Some leave it to the very end and wait for what is left, some want to dive in first in the belief that all the best pegs are still in there...

    I went though a phase of drawing very very badly, and put this down to thinking negatively, every time I thought of the peg I didnt want I managed to pull that one out of the bag! Usually accompanied by a loud cry of ''!!!!

    Then for a while I cracked it, decided not to think of negative thoughts and changed hands to drawing with my left hand rather than right.... Am I mad, just superstious or will anyone else on here admit to any strange drawbag antics? Perhaps one of you knows how to become a "golden at the drawbag" and will share some secrets with the TA faithfull.....
    Simon Young
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    Royst has the secret of the drawbag
    I always hide and take the last peg in the bag, if there are two left I will get the worst one . I have come unstuck a couple of times though when there hasn't been enough pegs in the bag


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      I once drew the same peg 2 weeks on the trot at Pilks, peg 49, and this is no flier by a long way. Refused to draw on the next match until it was out of the bag and yes you have guessed it, it stayed in the bag especially for me. I've drawn this peg more than any other on the canal and never won a bean off it.

      But otherwise, Id say I was pretty handy in the drawbag by waiting until the end for what is left over.


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        Basic laws of probability ensure that where in the queue you draw makes no difference overall to the likelihood of a good or bad peg.

        Still always try to draw early though as that way you get longer to set up etc....


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          Laws of probability are great fun. Once told a group of adults that if I did the lottery I would choose 1,2,3,4,5,6 as my numbers. They then told me I should spread them out to have more chance of winning!

          Anybody ever experienced a fiddle at a draw?

          I was once offered my choice of peg after arriving late for one match but obviously refused and asked to draw properly.

          Another incident saw a match organiser come to draw the last peg after everybody else had drawn and I offered to draw his peg from the bag. Oh dear, no peg in the bag and it was a good un. I suspect it was an honest mistake but you never know!

          There are some matches where the pegs are engraved on metal discs. A bit of careful feeling around and Im sure you could gain an advantage.


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            Sometimes if we are not sure how many are turning up there will be an extra peg left in the bag after the draw is completed. It was uncanny the amount of times this peg was an out and out flyer and was left unfished. Since then I try to draw last on club matches, so that I get the flyer that would be left over..... and it does work from time to time
            In larger matches I agree its best to draw early and get more setting up time.


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              ill allways try to get to the front and when i put my hand in ill pick up to peg numbers and drop one and keep the other allways do and give it a good stir just in case
              sensas /total angling


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                I have recently been taking one of the last two in our club matches usually offering a choice of right or left hand to Kingfisher so technically I am having whats left, judging by my recent run of results its time for a change



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                  Try drawing first on Sunday Brian!
                  John - Kingfisher
                  Talk Angling Senior Member
                  Club Record Holder on Grand Union Canal Knowle:D


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                    i like to give it a shake (the bag that is)
                    i allways go for middle of the pack


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                      It's obvious! the corner pegs are tucked away in the corner of the bag and the end pegs are drawn 1st & last


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                        painy - i gave up open match fishing once because of bent draw bags and i fished at national champs level. By definition if u fish for money u must accept all the implications. If u are in the clique then u are ok but if not u are pools fodder. Its still happening if u look carefully at the results and listen to genuine lads who fish these matches. Proof is always the problem or getting threatened with a ban from the fishery for stating the obvious.Try club fishing its safer.


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                          I Like to get in early had a few good uns but had my share of duff ones. We have one guy who is the luckiest drawer of them all cant wait for his luck to change. At our recent week At Boldings we booked several lakes over the week, so we had our own pegs and two of the guys went down to the lake of the day and placed the peg numbers out and leaving the bad pegs out. We back at base camp namely the black horse pub the procceded to draw so no one had any idea what peg they had drawn and of course we drew two pegs out for the pegging guys, it work a treat.
                          Regards Billy Boy :)

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                            Your right about having to be in the clique on certain venues. There are two venues I could name down south were we have seen this regularly... you take it or leave it - its always a good idea to ask the organiser if you (not him) can give the bag a shake!

                            I have experienced the "no pegs left in the bag syndrome" only for a couple of extra pegs to be put in at the last minute! And also the draw from under the bag rather than in it!.... All I can say is these poeple know they are cheats and theives and if they arent good enough to take their chances off any peg then they must be crap! I can honestly say in all my years I have never cheated in a fishing match and couldnt imagine doing so - some people however I cant understand how they can live with themselves ... I suppose there are cheats in every sport but do you guys think there is a level of it in our sport?
                            Simon Young
                            Talk Angling UK fishing chat and tackle
                            web design Doncaster - Limitless Digital


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                              i usually try and rub shoulders with goldenarm and wanger as they usually draw the fliers, out of 65 matches goldenarm as only drew bad say four five times.