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Silver fish gbaits?

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  • Silver fish gbaits?

    Just wondering as to which companies' gbaits people tend to prefer for their silver fish mixes and why?

    I tend to use both sensas and VDE, with the sensas gbaits for my roach/skimmer fishing on lakes and canals and the VDE for bream and river mixes.

    Sensas Roach and Sensas Lake are the two best base gbaits I have used and in conjunction with formula supreme, they make a great squatt mix.

    But I like VDE gold pro, brown crumb and secret for balling in for bream and tend to go for the stickier VDE gbaits such as Superoach and Secret as a base on the Don.

    I still think that VDE rules the roost for the silvers in these parts, as most anglers seem to have VDE gbaits in their carryalls and on the southern canals, everybody seemed to have supermatch and supercup with an odd bag of superlake here or there.

    Anybody used Mosella, Trabucco, Browning or Dynamite baits silver fish mixes? Whizzo purple haze was an old favourite if you wanted a shallow joker mix with a % of gbait. Come on folks, trade secrets!

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    Dont think you can beat supercup / supermatch and black turbo as a silverfish mix for the canal... but not all the shops round here stock them (as you well know Simon!)

    As for bream mixes there are many, but the best base is definately the sensas pure brown crumb, yes it is an expensive way of doing things but it has been proven time and again in Ireland as by far the best bream base, then a few aditives and colour to suit the water and away you go!
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      With the VDE I was using some brown crumb (cheap) + Mondial Touche powdered additive with some success on the Grand union for large bream 3lb +. BUT I've run out of the Touche and don't know where to get some more!! A nice TA moderator may sell me a little he found in his garage, but hasn't mentioned it lately!!
      John - Kingfisher
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        Steve he is on about me. I have one packet left that another kind Moderator gave me.


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          friture..and supa cup...50 ..50 sound as a pound cloudy little food content
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            Don't suppose anybody knows how to lay their hands on some sensas picardie or whether they know of any effective gonk mixes?


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              Dynamite baits canal & Lake superblack(75%) and roach superblack(25%)

              especially on venues where there are a few skimmers as well.


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                Don't suppose anybody knows how to lay their hands on some sensas picardie or whether they know of any effective gonk mixes?

                Been looking for some for 2 years no luck.
                Go with Lee,s mix


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                  unfortunatly Frank picardie used to come in paperbags so when you find them in the shed/garage they are mouldy or rock hard....

                  Have you tried just using fine brown crumb and dried blood mixed 70% crumb and 30% blood?


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                    Right about the paper bags mate reminded me of asbestoses powder but it smelt nice, and did the job

                    Tried the blood and crumb mate even mixed in some mole hill,not getting any decent response to it.Have tried to get a certain Plant to tell me what went into Baitex black but mums the word.


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                      To be honest Frank it probably hasn't got anything to do with whats in the groundbait...more likely to be down to the fact the numbers of gudgeon are not there any more.

                      Even struggle to catch em at Wombourne and Hinksford now..


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                        For canal fishing I love using Sensas lake and Roach/silverfish or lake and Noire if I want a dark mix. For balling in on the rivers I like Sensas gross gardon. A bit baised toward sensas groundbaits but my team has a deal with sensas.
                        Regarding the Gudgeon mix I have caught a few in the past on match blend and Gudgeon 50/50.