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Flavours, good or not!

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  • Flavours, good or not!

    As some members know i have used many flavours over the years due to working in the bait trade. Even after 10 years of experimenting with 100's of flavours, different combinations i am still unsure if they make any difference, is it a confidence thing or do they work. Its an old chestnut but tell me your thoughts and favourites, personally if i had to pick my top 3 flavours,

    1. Pineapple
    2. toffee
    3. Banana.

    But as i said its probably just the ones i like, or is it!

  • #2
    My favourite is banana for summer and if any thing its active8 in winter, like you Steve not sure that they do anything, I have seen the time that whilst I could catch on banana flavoured pellet and my mate on the next peg catching on marmite flavoured a swopping of baits saw us both have a reduction of bites, we were both feeding the same hard pellet, coincidence or what?


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      Number 1 - scopex in pumped pellets
      Number 2 - scopex dipped boilies / meat etc
      Number 3 - strawberry scopex in paste

      and your hands smell nice after


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        Not to sure if they work myself but Ive had quite a few fish on these flavors when they wont take anything else???
        No1 predator plus
        No2 scopex


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          Garlic......put it on all my baits ............not sure if it works but have no problem with vampires
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