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  • Hardcase

    Can anybody please recommend a good 'hardcase' rod holdall that can take a minimum of two tip rods, (sensible price). Only a club angler.

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    apologies if ive misunderstood - if you mean a match style one that takes rod tubes i dontk now

    however if you mean made-up rods i got a korum 2 rod quiver just after xmas and its really good, hard to explain but it fold around the rods with hard padding and seems really protective, also plenty of room for banksticks & brolly etc. its about £35


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      Cheers Milo I will check out the korum one, yes I did mean the ready made up rod holdall.


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        heres the link ferryman, its the 2 rod quiver i have got which i am pleased with, they also do a 2 rod holdall which is also listed on the attached link.

        depends what you are into fishing wise, i like stalking small rivers where i take a made up float rod for trotting and one set up on a light leger and have found the quiver the bees knees. As someone who has been really careful about rod protection since crunching the spigot and wrecking a custom made harrison carp rod i wouldnt recommend them if i had found the protection they offer to be wanting

        Korum - Luggage


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          Cheers again Milo.


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            Ultimate tackle do one for £25. Didn't manage to track down how or where exactly, but a place called madabouttackle have a website and they stock it.
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              Dont know if this is any good to you



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                You can get some cheap floats as well


                some in packs of 10


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                  match luggage,rod hodalls,net bags,fishing luggage,preston luggage,match luggage

                  theres a few different ones on there mate. but i favour the preston ones, they do them in single or in double.
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                    Thanks to all who replied, Milo I went and viewed the Korum one and it was not what I wanted as it lost the hardness after the reel pockets, however I feel I have got the best one, it is a Maver two rod holdall 190cm and it was reduced from £45 to just £30 from Fishing Republic.