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  • Best Elastics...

    What do you guys think are the best elastics out there -

    My vote for small fish elastic (as we are coming up to winter league) goes to the Sensas pure Latex in 0.7 and 0.8 .... magic stuff and cannot be beat for Roaching IMHO...
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  • #2
    I've used most of the latex elastics and the sensas is the best IMHO. 0.8 for squatt on the stainy and 0.7 for joker/punch fishing in shallow water. 0.9 is great for caster fishing and 1.0 is a superb for both skimmers and roach when through three sections.

    I used to use the middy elastics 5-6 years ago and have recently bought a 6m spool of the new 1-5 for the kids to try. Seems very good stuff on first impressions.

    The best no 8 elastic I've used is the Preston Original in Black. Great for bagging silvers shallow on mixed fisheries.

    Hydro for the numpty carp fishing!


    • #3
      The only latex ive used was maver in 2's and 3's.

      2's seemed too soft even for little fish and i must have had a bad spool of the 3's because it kept snapping.

      Still dont know why i tried it because i've never had any problems with Vespe.


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        Must admit Lee that the 3 maver latex (0.7) was as low as I needed to go.

        I did try the two for joker fishing for pairs of eyes on the chesterfield canal but as you say it is ridiculously soft.

        The 0.8 sensas is supposedly the equivalent of a no 4 elastic but I reckon it is more similar to a 3, hence the reason as to why I use it for squatt fishing.

        Never tried vespe elastic.


        • #5
          The vespe number two (light green ) is superb for roach Painy.

          When i fished for tipton we were sponsored by them so had to use it really, however since i moved on its one of the few products that i would now not consider changing,i only use up to a number 4, but i have heard good reports about the heavier stuff as well.


          • #6
            i use maver pure latex numbers 3-5 for my river roach fishing and duel core /hydro for lump fishing


            • #7
              Vespe all the way


              • #8
                Would Drennan yellow bungee be ok for skimmers and barbel? Ive got a little match coming up and my pink and red bungees are a bit to fierce for them


                • #9
                  ive just bought some of that sensas latex elastic but wasn t too sure if it was any good !


                  • #10
                    Ive used all types of elastics (solids, hollows, latex) and now i only use doubled up Preston Original Slip.


                    • #11
                      1-8 Middy Hi Viz
                      10 - 14 Preston Original
                      16+ Vespe Solid


                      • #12
                        Have tryed most of them over the years but still keep comming back to Vespe just put some 22+ in my margin pole and it was tested on Sunday it did not even break a swet on double figure carp ( was a tad harsh for the skimmers tho) but I do like the white hydro set soft fro skimmer fishing,if a lump pops up in the swim at leat you got half a chance to get it out
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                        • #13
                          midday purple number 4 is very good


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                            Originally posted by MrFish'O'Mania View Post
                            midday purple number 4 is very good
                            Mid day purple sounds a lovely colour!
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                              The best pole elastic is the one you are using at the moment and arent losing fish with!
                              The worst one is the one you are using at the moment and ARE losing fish on!

                              HAPPY TOTTERINGHAMS DAY 15/5/2016