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Keeping Maggots???

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  • Keeping Maggots???

    I dont know what it is at the moment, but mine dont seem to be lasting longer than a week or so without turning into a sweattey mass............

    I keep them in the garage in a bait fridge and it seems ok....

    Maybe it the lack of maize that the shop puts in or something any ideas???

    How do you lads keep them for long periods??


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    they could be old ones to start with this time of year theres not such a big turn over in maggots,,,if there sweating you have to many in your container...i use 4ltr ice cream tubs without lids they need the lid off or they just generate heat i take all the dust and crap out by riddling and mine do ok
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      Hi Larry
      I think my problem is leaving the lids on..........

      Never had the problem with my old bait boxes,,,,



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        Larry - i,m on a diet at the moment but where do u get 4ltr icecream tubs from and are they plastic. ta robbo!


        • #5
          yup get them from the ice cream man he gives them me unfortunately they are empty when he does but very handy
          In darkness we do what we can
          In daylight we're oblivion


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            saw a feature with Jan Porter,he said to put maggots in a plastic bag to sqash all the air air out and keep in a fridge.Use it all the time now it works well but you would'nt expect any angler to intentionally mislead you just have to open the bag every couple of day's. they look dead but soon come around.
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              i do the same as you jethro and i find it the best way to keep them to......


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                If you're looking to keep them for a long time, extracting the air is the best bet. Otherwise, get yourself a cat litter tray, takes two pints, but make sure you keep it level or they can stack up at one end and do the great escape!
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