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Heavy Feeder Rods

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  • Heavy Feeder Rods

    Hi Guys I need to buy a heavy feeder rod to use in Holland. I have a 13ft Carbonactive, but need something a bit beefier. I cannot afford a Dutch Master. Has anyone got any thoughts on the best rod for hurling a 3oz feeder 60+ yards but still having a tip sensitive for bream? My budget is about £100.

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    you dont need sensitive tips on the river due to the current. You will be under no doubt when you get a bite!


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      im pretty sure the carbonactive will cope.

      but i think you have two other options within your price range.

      first a method rod with a range of tips. although these are usaully shorter they have more back bone to punch out a feedder.

      or buy a barbel rod. i know that sound to beefy for bream but if you look around you can get some very good light responsive rods perfect for bream.

      ive found this one and if you read the review its sound perfect for the job and its within the budget and 13 feet.

      Drennan distance method feeder rod :: Drennan :: Rods :: fishing tackle shop

      ive also found you this one for the same price read the reveiw. you also get the solid one and a hald test curve top. perfect for bagging waggler, candle, and very large carp wagglers.
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        Parabolix 12/13ft feeder..................

        It won best on test out of all the method / chucking rods a while ago
        Trust me it superb.......


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          heavy feeder rods

          i use the Korum V2 13ft heavy feeder rod. it has 2 tips, 3oz and 4 oz. i`ve used the 4oz tip for method, candle and bagging waggler work and the 3oz tip is perfect for big bream. i`ve used this at coombe abbey catching bream from skimmer size through to 6lb and above. its also within your budget, if you can find one they are around 80 - 85 quid


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            I've got a Shimano Nexave (barbel) which you can fish as float or quiver, think the float section has 1.1/4lb tc. The quiver section obviously a lot more sensative than that but will easily handle single & double figure fish..... & it looks nice. Cost £70 for what is almost two rods.


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              Id have a look for a Shimano Beastmaster heavy feeder, this will do what you require with ease. The carbonactives havent got the backbone for big chucks although they have a very good fish playing action.
              Steve Ringer
              Carpmagic - Talk Angling UK


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                only one choice.

                daiwa amorphous 11/13 harrier whisker match feeder rod on eBay, also Rods, Coarse Fishing, Fishing, Sporting Goods (end time 08-Feb-08 21:38:16 GMT)

                If you can get it you will have the best feeder rod I've yet seen or used.

                I have the uh feeder and float for ireland.


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                  I have the Dutch Master and have to say it is the best rod I have used for a big chuck - however another good compromise for the really big chucks is to buy a 2.5 lb test carp rod and get a local rod builder to splice in a tip for you - this will give you the monster of all chucking rods and well within budget.

                  Just as important will be to match the rod with a proper reel and braid if you are looking to hit the horizon!
                  Simon Young
                  Talk Angling UK fishing chat and tackle
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                    Thanks for all of this info Guys I will take it all into consideration whilst I am shopping. Tight lines to you all.


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                      Cheeap but does the job Leeda coconut chucker does what it says, get one for about £50 i used it for the same job.


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                        Hi Guys I have now taken Steve Ringers advice and bought a Beastmaster 12/14ft rod. Tried it out on Saturday. Just what I needed. Thanks Steve lets hope I can catch as many fish as you do????????


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                          If Steve says it will do it,it does