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Garbolino DC11 Pole Float-Any Good?

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  • Garbolino DC11 Pole Float-Any Good?

    Been looking for a decent snake lake / match canal float for when its blowing or pulling through. One of my mates recommended the Garbolino DC11 Neil Machin designed pole float. Looking at the 4-16 4-18 1gm 1,5gm sizes mainly. Anyone used them or recommend any other makes i can look at. Robbo

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    Robbo, i have been using the DC6 for F1 fishing, but i have also tried a metal stem Browning float, which is a lot more sensative, and better, yet is 0.5 of a gram. So i was looking for a float in between, and found the DC 11 spot on. I am using the 4 x 10 4 x 12 and 4 x 14, and find them tio be execelnt for delicate F1 fishing, and can also be used for bloodworm too. The bites today were tiny, and the metal stem floats just show the bite better.


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      i have been fishing with all the dc float and they are all good, but the dc11 are the best out of all of them for seeing those delicate bits. i used them on Saturday in a match where the bites were very delicate knocks and due to the weir stem dc11 just made it easier to see the bites....


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        Thanks chaps you've just made my mind up. Robbo