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Chub tips....

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  • Chub tips....

    hi all im going chubbing on the river wear tomorrow im a chub virgin any tips on rigs and baits im taking a 12ft trotting rod and reel with 5lb mono was thinking about some shot bounced along the bottom........ help

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    chubber float big bit of bread flake.

    or a big fat juicy lobworm.
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      trotting is a nice pleasurable way, rig wise keep it dead simple, plump and feel out the swim well and then just let the float and bait search out the swims for you.

      At this time of year be mobile. Go as light as you can, if possible prebait 4/5 good looking swims and spend half an hour in each on rotation. Chub spook easily, in summer you can get round it on a good day by appealing to greed and getting them competing so much they dont care but in winter i wouldnt bank on more than a couple of chub from any one swim, certainly the case on small rivers.

      bait wise as suggested above bread is awesome as long as its fairly clear, if the water is coloured i would go with lobworm, cheesepaste or luncheon meat, the stinkier the better. Boring as it is maggot scores very well but you wont discrimnate against everything else in the river like you do a bit more so with cheesepaste etc. On breadflake, meat and cheesepaste Id go as large as a six hook will help you single out the chub more too

      i dont know what conditions are like on the wear, or where on the wear you are fishing but in general chub love snags particularly in flood they will hole up so try and trot down tight to features, chub particularly love undercut banks.

      Chub are my favourite sport second only to barbel, in smaller rivers in particular they are an absolute delight to play and a beautiful looking fish, i am sure you will soon have the same impression

      Oh as an afterthought - a good tip on feeding with chub, they provide a very good indication of whethetr you are feeding to much - as they have such huge mouths when you catch one have a look down - on maggots in the summer in particular its not uncommon to see chub absolutely full of them they have to be the greediest fish going


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        billy barble i am heading down the wear chubbing next week wich strech you heading down to?? please let me know how you got on!

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          hi george fished the free stretch from the ice rink down for about half a mile, you can park at claypath in sands car park, had a good day three chub all around 2lb mark on crust and one on sweetcorn, fished a light waggler in some of the runs picked up some small brown trout on maggot too.


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            Can't help you but just wanted to say I had a 4lb 4oz chub in a trent match once & despite catching bigger lake fish while pleasure fishing & during matches, that chub is still my favourite most rewarding fish.... & I was using a barbless hook.
            I never use or even carry barbed hooks despite it being considered a disadvantage, but thats for another thread.......


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              Great fish i love em despite my inexperience with em regarding the barbed hooks issue that could be a ten pager i think met some guys who think its virtually cheating met other guys who think barbless is an idiots way of fishing but as you suggest its one for another thread.


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                Nice posts from 'CodeNameMilo' and others who obviously know the Chub well.

                In addition to the excellent advice given so far I would just like to add that sometimes in clear flowing water chub prefer to swim just off bottom and pick off bits of food being washed downstream and on these days they seem to ignore baits which are presented on the bottom; which is not always the case when the water has a bit of colour in it; like on a canal or deeper river.
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                  Good point BoldBear. the beauty of trotting is you dont need to do anything diferrent to take advantage if you think they are off bottom, just dab your finger on your spool every now and then or in likely looking areas to stop the line (holding back the float) and the bait will rise enticingly in the water, can often induce a very positive take