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Is it has bad as i expected?

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  • Is it has bad as i expected?

    I've just opened the paper containing my first lot of joker...

    i was expecting it to be bad.........but......

    Its bouncing about all over the place.....what a result.....

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    Ah, back to proper fishing. Love fishing the little red men instead of fishing for those vermin carp!

    Id have expected it to be a bit iffy this early on with the warm temps but theres nothing better than bright red and bouncy joker.

    If it is mild I tend to put them under the bubble and take them out on the morning of the match, just to ensure that they stay in decent nick.

    Not sure when the bloodworm matches start around here, the first one is usually the Al Bailey teams of four on the Stainy at Thorne, when you can't fail to catch. They go mad for it.


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      Us lot in the midlands have now got a 50+ canal match every sunday until next March.....superb...


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        Can't compeat with the youngsters then, is that why its all oldies!!!!


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          It fascinates me as to what B+J on the cut means to different people in different areas of the country.

          Our lot dump plenty of bait on one or two lines (6m and 13m), with a keepnet line and a chub line (16m) as back up. Getting the intial feed right is crucial and many good anglers are guessing, whereas the big boys have their mixes absolutely spot. They also seem to know what to top up with.

          I think the most joker lines I've ever fed is 4 on the chesterfield canal but can remember an article on the Bridgy, where Colin Mayor fed so many lines it would have confused the hell out of me. I think Scotthorne fished the Sheffield canal in a similar way.

          I quite enjoy going down to Thorne and watching as to how the proper anglers do it. Roll on the cold weather!


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            Simon, why dont you come fish the Thorne league with me if we can get one other as I think its teams of three.
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