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Has This Happened To You.

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  • Has This Happened To You.

    Whilst havinng a pleasure session on my local commercial yesterday,one of the four carp i had in my keepnet made several attempts for freedom. On its fourth attempt it mannaged to clear the top ring on the right hand side and landed on the top ring of my silvers net. It fell to the water in between the two nets which were at least 18'' above the water. I have never seen this befor. Do you think it had spawning on its mind? or is a bit early for that.

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    had it done a few times in winter too


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      2 guys in separate matches on my local club water had it happen an cost them the match both times!!!!! LOL, me landing net is now always over the keepnet(unless I'm landing a fish!!)


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        Its happened to me on more than one occasion. I keep them as high up as possible and always leave my landing net over the top.


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          Happens all the time, some places are worse for it than others, that is why nets used to have draw strings on them, a bungy strap round the net works. Apart from keeping the net mouth well out of the water, one way of reducing the number of times fish leap out, chub do it as well, is to float something on top. This can be bait boxes or even a lump of polystyrene, if the latter make sure you take it home with you.