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Messingham Sands - Fish Wellfare and Fishomania

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  • Messingham Sands - Fish Wellfare and Fishomania

    Here is a strange one for you guys to comment on.

    Yesterday was my first ever visit to Messingham Sands for the Fishomania.

    I drew on Island lake peg 62 and was told 'matches have been won from there, you have a big reed bed to the right - but good luck trying to get them out!'

    Anyway a big deal is made at Messingham concerning fish welfare, i.e. they have rules such as you are not allowed to roll fish down your keepnet when weighing in (they walk round in chest waders and weigh the fish while stood in the water) ok I thought that was a bit of a strange rule but hey ho... the next strange rule was no method feeders (not even free running) because that can damage fishes mouths.

    Let me say this first off - I'm not someone who bullies fish but this peg required specialist gear, the reeds went straight out from the bank about 15 yards into the lake on my right hand side and were alive with fish. I decided I was going to fish up in the water next to the reeds and bomb/waggler out in front. After nothing on the bomb in the first 30 minutes it was time to have a go down reeds.... starting on the light rig (0.22 to a 14 kamasan animal and purple hydro).... 30 seconds later I nearly broke my pole as an estimated 15lb fish went into the reeds that quickly that I didnt even have time to get any pressure on it.... then came out the heavy gear (0.25 and size 12, max allowed hook) - that wasnt any good either as I lost another 2 fish, it was just a joke.

    Anyway at this point a local came and told me to chuck the bomb 10 yards past the reeds to a little sand bar that is there.... he said sometimes the fish kite to the left when you hook them there and sometimes they go right into the reeds and then its pulling time! After feeding this spot for 10 minutes ..... rod goes round and it kites to the left and out comes a 4lb carp, easy! The next 2 went into the reeds (obviously the bigger fish know where to go).... so then I put up my 14ft carbonactive dutch master with 11lb technium and an 0.25 hooklength to a 12 fox match 2 (which looks like an 8)..... back in and the rod goes round and its a big fish so it goes for the reeds - I'm not joking I pulled that hard and just kept winding and pulling like crazy and a 10lb carp came through those reeds and the only bit of the fish that was in the water was its tail .... four blokes were stood behind me watching and one of them says I dont know how you did that as it was in the net 10 seconds later.... I said to them standing behind me that if it had been filmed by the Sky cameras then I would be banned from fishing!!!

    Anyway at the point when I lost another 4 fish on the trot even with that gear on I packed up. Andy Findlay drew the peg the other side of the reeds and packed up having lost 6 or more fish so it wasnt just me... I then got told the only way to get them out is to fish braid and 1ft of brown hydro and just chuck the pole straight back....

    All I heard were stories of people having lost 10 or more fish, one bloke said he had lost more than 20 fish.... SOMETHING TELLS ME FOR FISH WELFARE THE BLOKE SHOULD TAKE OUT SOME SNAGS OUT OF THE PLACE AND CUT BACK SOME OF THE REEDS!!!

    Having said all that the venue is a good setup and the amount of carp and silvers in there is as solid as anywhere! If you go just take a broomstick and some rope.
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    Sounds like u had a frustrating day mate!!!! Can see your point tho, how can rolling fish down a keepnet be any worse than dragging them out of the reeds!!!!!! Makes u laugh thinkin about it.
    Had a day like that at viaduct gave up after I lost 2 tho Lol


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      No fun at all in that and as for the fish it cant be doing them any good at all.


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        What a Southern girl! Should av got some man tackle on and won the match, what a waste of a flyer!!!!!!!!!!


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          Well said Nathan
          I wish i had drawn a peg like that !!
          When i drew asked the owner what my peg was capable of to be told
          you are next door to the possible Winner & there will be nothing you can do about it !!
          They wont move from there !!
          I drew peg 4 on Swan the peg he was talking about was 3 Steve Rothery was on it & would have won the match ,had he not had a bit of a nightmare in the middle losing a few !!
          He weighed 150lbs i think !! Realy unlucky not to go through.
          Amazingly about 6 or 7 people told him completely different things throughout the match about where he should be fishing ???
          I for 1 will be trying to get on there again next year !!
          i was very impressed with the place !!
          Strange way to weigh in but it works for them !!
          are you coming to Boldings Mate ??
          Sorry i missed you !!


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            Spoke to Steve 20mins from end, never saw you! Yes, hope they have 1 there next year. Yeh, at Boldings, 14th reserve, see you there!


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              Originally posted by NathanWatson View Post
              Spoke to Steve 20mins from end, never saw you! Yes, hope they have 1 there next year. Yeh, at Boldings, 14th reserve, see you there!
              You didnt look far
              I was sat on the next peg Crying into my hands ,So near yet so far !!
              14th on list not too bad Since Larford there have been an average of about 18 not turning up
              did you have any missed calls from me weds ??
              i did ring you a couple of times about 10am !! i have new phone & may have entered your number wrong mis call me mate & i will put it in properly
              See you @ Boldings
              Sorry for hi-jacking Simons thread


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                No mate.


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                  Pegs like that really do my head in, can't get them out like Nathan does. The method ban at Messingham is normally only on 2 of the lakes used for Fisho (younger fish in the lakes were seen to be getting damaged), but was applied to all lakes for the qualifier.
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                    Simon...dont fish fo em........well thats if ya cant get em out!!

                    Get sum proppa gear on and mek em swim
                    OCH !!! The TowPath Warrior !!!
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