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Drugs, a big problem in our sport?

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  • Drugs, a big problem in our sport?

    I know random drugs tests are common among athletes and footballers, but I was surprised to learn that immediately after the end of this years World Angling Championships in Portugal the first three, winner Walter Tamas from Hungary, second-placed Ivan Biordi from San Marino and our own Sean Ashby, were all tested.

    In fact at first Ashby thought it was a wind-up until he was led into a room full of testing equipment.

    Apparently, the decision was made at an International Committee (FIPS) meeting last December for to get angling recognised as a proper sport they have to make sure everyone plays by the same rules.

    The test is identical to one carried out at the Olympics, but at the moment only international events such as the World, European and World Club Championships will have the test.

    Nevertheless, the National Federation of Anglers anticipates that the tests will become commonplace in this country at such events as national championships and at the big sponsored events such as Fish O'Mania and White Acres.

    I have often sat on the bank smelling a sweet smell coming from anglers puffing on large joints on upwind pegs - now we find that these people have been getting an unfair advantage!

    Apparently the NFA has had to sign on for the anti-doping agreement as it receives funding from Sport England. The only problem it has would be people failing to test because of medication such as inhalers.

    I am rather intrigued by these tests for as I understand they are usually carried out to detect performance-enhancing drugs, so by their reasoning what drug enables you to catch more fish?
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    I don't know but when you find out GET ME SOME


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      i think it would be a good idea to introduce testing at talk angling matches......i would no doubt fail i have more drugs in me than lloyds...and then award me a handicap because i dont know what im doing lmao its about 4pm before i function anywhere near like i should
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        Lets hope they don't test for alcohol!!!!


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          Tut!Tut! fred
          John - Kingfisher
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            And there was me thinking they would be testing the fish ............
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              I dare say that there are drugs that enhance alertness but after that, Im not so sure as to what other benefits they could offer.

              Mind you, if we want angling to gain recognition as a sport, then we should comply IMO.


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                re; drug testing

                Exactly,what a wate of time and money,i work as a drug worker in my local community and i can tell you these tests arnt cheap,l ike you said what drugs are going to help the angler fish better and catch more fish, i would say it would decrease there ability to consentrate and have a detremental effect.


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                  Surely swanny, there are drugs that stimulate the CNS in such a way that reaction times decrease, hence everything is done that bit faster.

                  I dare say that nerves may also come into a world championship match and there may be banned drugs that would calm the system.

                  I know it sounds daft and a waste of money but if our sport is proven to be peformance enhancing drugs free, then it is a good thing IMO. We aren't forking out the money for the tests, so at the top level I'd just let them get on with it.


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                    You could dose yourself up with amphetamine to speed your reactions. Get some caffine from the chemist and take twice the dose. Don't use coffee/tea as a supply of caffine as you'll be on the p**S all day.
                    Most of the other drugs would slow you down. Also if the fish ain't biting then it doesn't matter how fast your reactions are!!!


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                      I think they have drug tests in snooker and one famous player got into trouble for taking beta blockers for a heart condition, as it was argued that they helped to calm his nerves.

                      As daft as it sounds, I played inter college darts at university and my nerves used to get into a right old state, so much so that my hands used to shake or I couldn't release the dart. I used to have a few pints beforehand but I bet tranquilisers or beta blockers would have done the job.


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                        thinking about it i am full of useless sh#t forgive the pun...but the thames actually had trace elements of cocaine in it aparently from all the users in london...only what i read and certainly not a dig at any one
                        In darkness we do what we can
                        In daylight we're oblivion


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                          i cant see drugs being much help to us in our sport ,might make us fall off the seatbox lol


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                            if they test for alcohol at our poplars matches then the coach driver would win cos hes the only one free from ale!!!!!!!!11