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should Fisho winner get to defend their title the following year ?

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  • should Fisho winner get to defend their title the following year ?

    was thinking about this, and wondered what peoples thoughts were on whether its a good idea for the winner to be given a chance to fish in the following years final without having to qualify, but should he win only collect say half of the available prize with the other half going to second ?

    cant see it happening just a hypothetical me talking my usual crap question.

  • #2
    no it aint broke so dont need fixing


    • #3
      Im with you to be fair, the odd stupid idea just goes through my head sometimes


      • #4
        It was'nt broke at 25 grand for the winner.! So why make it 30 grand.? The question was up for debate.!!


        • #5
          the amoumt of TV advertising time it gets should be 50K ,30K, 20K !!
          The winner should have a ticket for all the qualifiers he wants the following year !!


          • #6
            Agree with col about the 50k, was 25 when it started, entry was half as much and a lot less entrants!


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              Got to agree with col, the payout is terrible for such a high profile event, the maver match this event has become far more attractive in many ways.
              Double Ton