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Perhaps a daft question?

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  • Perhaps a daft question?

    Following on from my other post about the Carp, my partner and I were wondering how long you can keep a fish out of water without causing too much harm or distress.

    Obviously, when landing a large fish, there has to be the compulsary picture (well certainly for us!!) but we are concerned that we may harm the poor thing.

    Some advice will be very much appreciated!
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    The taking of a couple of pictures would be well within the time scale that a carp will live out of water, as a safety precaution a un hooking mat should be placed beneath the fish just in case it kicks an you drop it. I once tipped my fish back and pulled the net out on the bank to dry a little whilst I went a walk around what was a new fishery to me, on return I could see a small carp of about 2/3 ozs hanging in the net, I rescued it from the net and it swam away no problem, i was away for maybe half an hour so it shows that they are fairly tough, just watch because not all fisheries allow taking photographs of fish.


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      We have invested in a bean bag type unhooking mat as we got a really good price on it.

      Thanks for the Advice ....... the fishery we've been to doesn't seem to mind the photo's .... in fact he asks to see them!!

      [FONT="Fixedsys"][COLOR="Blue"]Never drink river water ...... fish have sex in it .......[/COLOR][/FONT]