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bob nudd

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  • bob nudd

    has anyone heard about bob nudd's latest brainwave about culling river pike to help improve fish stocks??
    i thought mr nudd had more sense than this,water extraction,cormorants,fn's
    cause a greater threat to fish stocks than pike.
    please dont follow his example and return any pike caught,some people even fish for them,dont ruin their sport

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    i believe that the smaller pike (upto 7lb) should be removed by electro-fishing as the big-uns only hunt when hungry where the small-uns just kill kill kill my opinion anyway


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      bob nudd

      what if the 7lbers are the big ones??


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        in evesham a few years ago there was a mass influx of zander an believe me it got sorted out the enviroment agency elctro fished an removed an they will do the same with the pike where theres pike theres fish


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          oh to be young and stoopid

          why not just drain all the rivers and kill all the things you dont fish for?
          then do the same with the people you dont like.then you could take over the world.
          killing pike is not the be all and end all answer,the population will stabilise it's self,


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            Originally posted by [email protected]
            why not just drain all the rivers and kill all the things you dont fish for?
            then do the same with the people you dont like.then you could take over the world.
            killing pike is not the be all and end all answer,the population will stabilise it's self,

            HERE HERE


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              Are you an Angler Johnny**************.com? Your attitude suggests that you are not.



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                Could just be a fish lover brian, you don't have to be an anti to not want to kill fish


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                  angler for life

                  hi brian,not sure where you got the idea that i am anti angling i have been fishing for 25 yrs.100%of the fish i catch are returned to swim another day,if i am fishing for roach and catch an eel i put it back,why should a fish that gets caught by accident,eg a pike on maggots be killed because of someones ignorance that the pike eat everything that swims.
                  we anglers face enough trouble from outside the sport without infighting
                  just voicing my opinion that all fish should be returned as they are someone elses day out
                  bob nudd should retract his statement as a rush of blood to his head


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                    Johnny******etc, Its perhaps my suspicious nature but the way your post was worded that gave me the impression that you were not an angler, It would not be beyond one of the Antis to set up a post and use the replies for their own propoganda. Like you I dont kill fish caught by accident, and have only ever killed fish for the table, thats a few trout and an eel, mind you i dont eat fish so that makes it easy.
                    We do have a problem with zander on a stretch of canal we lease and they have been culled by the EA on a couple of occasions, I see no problem with that as they are not an indigenous species. Mink are another concern and they by law have to be killed if caught.



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                      I have also noticed the increased problem of Pike grabbing the roach on the Avon this year and a few other rivers too. Trouble is it always the netters they take as they are the ones you bring accross the surface.

                      I do have to laugh at the uproar Bob's comments have caused amongst the pike fishing fraternity, killing pike is a crime to a group that think nothing of catching roach upto 8oz from a river and killing them to catch the pike. To me an 8oz pike is a much more valuable fish than a 4lb pike and its invariably the small pike that cause the problem.

                      Saying that removing large pike from any body of water is not only daft but self defeating as that just causes an explosion of the small pike. But I haven't read Bob's comments so don't know whether he said all pike or just the small pike.
                      Paul Webster




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                        Zander are an illegal fish in our waters illegally stocked originally in the Fens by some inconsiderate people, they should be removed or at best controlled, pike are naturally found in our waters, it is very very unusual to see the EA remove Pike, from our waters.
                        Zander and cormorants have done more damage to our waters than pike ever have, i think if Bob did allegedly say these comments i think he should be more concerned in other problems with our fishery, Zander, cormorants, mink, foriegners try to feed themselves with spear guns etc.
                        Last edited by polemaster; 17 October 2006, 08:04 PM.


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                          Killing pike

                          This really makes me sick, in fact i dont belive bob nudd would even say this.
                          If you notice anywhere pike are there is usually good stocks of healthy fish, the pike help to keep things balenced, eating the sick and unhealthy fish, its nature," man should keep their nebs out."
                          steve swan.


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                            Headline to Bob Nudds article - News of the World Sunday October15th

                            Now it's time to take out the pike
                            "There are too many pike in some of our rivers and they need culling."
                            ".................... the last thing we need is shoals of pike depleting the stocks.
                            Some will disagree,but it makes sense to thin them out".
                            John - Kingfisher
                            Talk Angling Senior Member
                            Club Record Holder on Grand Union Canal Knowle:D


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                              aparrently bob nudd's website give out some crap that he never said cull pike just "thin them out"
                              wtf is the difference,he said it and is not man enough to admit it.
                              if you stand by your beliefs at least be a man and take the flack,maybe he is turning into an mp