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maver competition short leg pole rollers

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  • maver competition short leg pole rollers

    hi lads looking at buying 2 of these relatively new items on the market..a couple of questions..will the short leg rollers be fine for when im fishing long distances shallow??another question what are the advantages of these over the maver xl competition rollers??would i be better off buying one of each or 2 of the same?????

    cheers lads

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    The standard version, I imagine will be far more versatile. I would only choose a short leg roller if the venues I fished had steep banks, otherwise I don't really see the point tbh.


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      The short legged version was brought out because people found even at its lowest height the standard version was still too high! Also the short legged as mentioned before is better for steep banks! I have two of the standard xl rollers and found they're find! I guess it's down to personally preference how low you like your rollers and also the type of venue you fish!