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Paste Fishing

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  • Paste Fishing

    Last season i did fairly well with green swimstim as paste but have not had had a match win with it this year. I have lost confidence with it and revert back to pellet or meat fishing. Even though the weather is cooling off others are still doing well with thier type of paste.

    So to the question, what make of paste would you use? I prefere to use it very soft.
    Steve Davies

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    You can use anything you can grind up.... have you tried grinding up the pellets that are used mainly on the venue?

    Also play around with adding different flavours - a good starting point is to go to the local specialist carp anglers shop and speak to the big carp guys - they are way ahead on flavourings and normally can tell you exactly which flavours are working well at what time of year - for example I use a concentrated sweetener in different amounts depending on the water temperature but you will need to buy a thermometer if you dont have one to do some testing on the match days and then take some notes - might all seem like a bit too much effort but it will pay dividends when you look back next year at this years notes then you might get a big advantage...
    Simon Young
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      Take some 6mm halibut pellets and fill a pint bait box. Pour boiling water over them and leave overnight. They absorb the water and can then be neaded into a paste. Store any unused paste in the freezer.


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        Try getting some feeding/ halibut pellets, putting the in the blender untell they go into a fine powder, poor the powder into a bait box then add two eggs and nead untell it go's in to a paste. (you can also add some flavouring in just before you add the eggs).
        :D I'll fish anytime and anywhere (as you can see).:D


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          Green stimswim works for me. I've also found that paste mixes from some comercials are quite good. My best results this year have been with stimswim and Cudmore paste. I don't use eggs though just mix the powders in a bait tub, cover with water and leave until all the water is absorbed. You can either do it the night before and put it in the fridge to firm up overnight or mix it right at the start of the session and its ready by the all-in. Another thing is I try not to use tap water. I've found a good tip is to use the water you boil your hemp in.