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Bait tech super cup

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  • Bait tech super cup

    Right do any of you know what happens if the two teams can not agree on a Saturday or a Sunday for any reason? Just so happens that the home team work Sundays and our team work saturdays, unfortunate but nobody's fault, if anyone's been in this situation let me know!

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    I could be wrong here,but I think the home team would or should be the ones naming the day to fish.As you cant agree to fish on a sunday then you may have to forfeit and give the tie to the home team.Had a similar scenario and a team kept having team matches on the fishing dates!So in the end we couldn't agree so they had to drop out.Cant you put a team out if you fish with the least required number of anglers?


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      We were in same situation half the team fishing a winter series luckily the organiser changed date of this match so we could fish the sunday the other team could not make sat as they had the home draw we felt it was there choice.


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        i thought day was now sorted by AT....saves all the cufulful
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        In daylight we're oblivion


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          Originally posted by Larry Teepot View Post
          i thought day was now sorted by AT....saves all the cufulful
          cufulful?whats that pete?something to do with saves all the bother,lol.


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            Well usually we would be able to put another team out but we put two sides in this year, and with only 26 in the club that leaves nobody left over, Spose that's the way it goes!


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              The home team cant dictate which day match is fished it has to be agreed. I think if teams can't agree angling times flicks a coin to see who goes through.