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    I have a match coming up, and apparantly there are carp in this canal but are really hard to catch has anyone got any tips on how to catch them...and what kind of fishing is best and bait etc also where abouts you shud be fishing in the canal? look forward to see what you pros suggest

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    Which canal and the location will help a little, but in reality unless the carp are fished for regulary the chances of catching one are limited, and to target them in a match is not recommended. You would be better setting your stall out to fish for other species like roach and skimmers.


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      Yeah Gadz... depends on which canal it is... if you tell us then perhaps we will know the actual stretch. But like Brian says its difficult targeting them unless you are on a known peg with a big feature where they live and then they tend to be hard to get out on a canal as you need very specialist set up with very strong laccky and alot of bottle!

      This time of year they become harder and harder to catch too.... probably better off going for bits and feeding a caster/chop line right over for some lumps if they turn up on the day.
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