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luncheon meat

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  • luncheon meat

    Whilest fishing a match yesterday, I nibbled a bit off a chunck off my luncheon meat to trim it a bit smaller in size.
    I noticed how very salty in tasted, this got me in to thinking if it was to salty for the fish
    (not another of my excuses for a poor result LOL )
    I think I was using either plumrose or morrisons premium luncheon meat.
    I'm now thinking that I should sorce and try the low salt spam as an alternitive.
    What are your thought and what do you use ?


  • #2
    I find the Co-op one to be the best but it might be equally salty!

    Mind you in winter it can be a big advantage to add a good handfull of salt to your GB - so I wouldnt have thought it tasting salty would be a disadvantage, just wouldnt add the vinegar too it!
    Simon Young
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      I agree John...................It is a lame excuse . I think the salt is ok, and also I'm sure I read somewhere that Vinegar makes a good 'glug' so I wouldnt rule that out either. Also try some sweet flavours such as scopex.
      It may be that the fish have just gone off meat. I think a lot of venues have now switched to maggot.


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        and what did you win the match with on sunday roystie?


        • #5
          white maggot, say no more