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Worst ever angling experience?

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  • Worst ever angling experience?

    Whats the worst ever days fishing you have ever had?

    The reason I ask is mine was last weekend on the winter league on the Stainy...

    Got told at the draw I had the "Worst peg on the whole canal".... went and asked a few others and got comments like "I thought I had a bad draw" and "I would slit my wrists now if I were you and save the bother later"....

    Anyway on the inside of this bend sat watching those two pegs either side catching fish after fish and not being able to buy a bite I wasnt happy.... anyway before the start was late so had to park 300 yards the wrong side of the bridge, then walked nearly a mile to my peg and my trolley broke twice on the way, behind both pegs the guys asked me what peg I was off too and got more bad news! two hours into the match I was too far behind to do anything on small fish so decided to sit it out for lumps... rod went off the rest twice - both times with massive chub and lost both of them having played them away from the far bank! Then at the end of the match got off my box only to tread on a number 4 section from my Trouney pro, at this point it started to it down and the toys went out of the pram big time.... loaded everything onto the trolley for the gruler of a walk .... actually thought to myself well at least that is over with, then though (honest to god) nothing more can go wrong at least.... it was at that point the wheel fell off my trolley! God Dammm!!!!!!
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    on the national this year, worst hangover ever in the morning, thought i was gonna be sick every 5 mins,then got given a right pants peg


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      Touch wood, haven't had anything to match one of the first opens I fished when I was 15 or 16(35 years ago)
      Myself and half a dozen clubmates from Newcastle had booked into an open on the Tees at Dinsdale, tickets for which were like gold dust at the time.
      First of all the guy supposedly picking me up failed to show and rang half an hour late claiming his car had broken down so my old man graciously sacrificed (well, fairly graciously) his Sunday lie-in to drive me the 40 miles to the venue.Got there at the end of the draw and got one of the last pegs which I was told put me on the "Black Root", an absolute flier.Hurriedly found a couple of clubmates and scrounged some extra bait that thought I'd need.
      Long walk to my peg and couldn't work out why it was called the black root when there was nothing of the sort in it, until spoke to my downstream neighbour who explained that I was one above it and he had it....
      Dinsdale then had very steep overgrown banks, the method being to get down to the water somehow, wade as far as you could and run a stick or wag down the far side.So, 4 pints of maggot in the bait apron , 3 of caster in a bucket clipped to my belt, three fresh wasps nests similarly and went to get down the bank.Foot got caught in some undergrowth and I executed a double-piked, back-flip degree-of-difficulty4.6 bellyflop into 18 inches of water, not very warm either as it was the end of September.Lost all 4 pints of maggots which would at least keep the minnows occupied.Removed waders as Id ripped one in the fall and wet-waded, soaked through.
      Match started and was picking up a few chublets so decided to put a lump of cake on to see if there were any better chub there, and found that nest still contained a wasp, which stung me in the palm of the hand - fished the remainder of the match wrong handed while my good hand throbbed non stop and hurt like hell.
      Still picked up odd fish but had to watch matey on the flier sacking up with 45 lb or so of chub and roach. Come three o'clock was so racked off and cold that tipped back 6 to 7 lb and walked back to HQ. Where I found out that the peg below me was in a different section to mine, which I'd probably had enough to win....


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        Today must come close