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Attaching Fishing Poles!

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  • Attaching Fishing Poles!

    I have just bought a fishing pole and i have never used one/ seen one ... but i am just wondering right at the end of your pole do you attach that really colourful bit with all the writtin and all on saying your pole name etc im not sure if you understand me... please help


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    Tom, a pole can be used at any length if it is take apart then it is easier to put a section on, if needed to fish further out or to follow a big fish, telescopic poles are different and are normally used at their full length, What pole have you bought that will help us put you right.


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      I only have bought a low price pole from my local tackle shop for about 40 quid... its a Leeda 2xl carp attack pole... i fished with it today but when i put that bit on (pole case)it seemed to be scrathcing the pole case so i didnt fish at full length as i wanted to can you help me please brian.


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        Is it 7mtr or 9.2mtr long if its the longer length, you may need to support the pole when feeding it back, you can use a v roller on a bank stick placed behind you or even use your rod holdall to slid it back and forward a v roller should only cost a few pound, or better still is a pole roller which will cost a little more but will be free standing. Position a v roller or free standing roller so that when the end of the pole comes off it the pole will feel balanced, that will stop it dragging along the ground and scratching it. Dont be afraid to ask another angler on the bank most will help you out.
        The case as you call it is a part of the pole and can be safely used, when you progress to a 14 1/2 06 16 mtr pole you will get 2 or even 3 sections with graphics on them
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