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Hi all, im new - HELP REQUIRED - pole

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  • Hi all, im new - HELP REQUIRED - pole

    Afternoon guy and gals...

    just started back fishing again after 15years - seriously enjoying it

    need advice...

    anyone here ever fished WOODLAND WATERS Ancaster, lincolnshire?

    anyway, im starting on the pole saturday for the 1st time, just really wanna know how people find it, do they tend to catch more on the pole than the rod?

    fish available here are the following


    fishing close in on the bottom works extremely well, but i fail to catch many, unlike my mates who ALWAYS end up catch nice fish (they use the pole)

    please help..


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    It's all about presentation and accuracy, you can drop a ploe rig in the same spot all day.


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      yes and still catch me.


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        You will soon forget that you owned a rod and reel, everything is so much easier with a pole, changing your set up only takes seconds especially when you have a few spare top kits. You might just find that the fish move a bit further out now its dropping a bit colder and the water starts to clear, that may well be the time that your rod and reel approach will come into play.


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          Yes you are quite right Brian, i went for a fishing session today with my freind ... they did all seem to be that little bit further out and i couldnt reach with the pole, but i did catch 6 or 7 stonkers just feeding in carp pellets around my pole float (that keeps sinking and its not a fish haha) that seemed to attract them in, but yes the pole is sooo much fun, easier and you catch more.



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            Hay guys, thats great..

            how do you keep the fish where you are? throwing in bait at what intervals?

            also hook size? i use a 16 is this to big?

            every saturday me and 4/5 other mates go to different venues around sleaford, lincolnshire area and have a fun match between ourselves and i always lose.... time to change this with your help guys..


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              Try for the carp mate, they will most likely put up the best fight and they can be very big & heavy if using the correct groundbait and bait...i cought a 10 pounder yesterday. Go to your local tackle shop and buy some carp pellets, and some carp bait which is a "hook bait" i use this "Catfood Plus" (red colour) i find it has been working really well, but as Brian said they tend to be a little bit further out and my pole couldnt reach ...but groundbait the area with pellets to keep them attracted. Ive been using a size 14 thats good for carp i feel. Its up to you


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                this is a smal 6.5 acre pond and carp are being caught 10m out, 1ft out and
                5ft out on the pole or bomb, also good perch, bream and road to.

                just need a little advice on the best way to bait, catn use ground bait at this venue.


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                  If you want to keep the fish on the bottom, feed with a polepot , just put a decent sized pot in as you start fishing then when the bites dry up put a few more in via the pot. Some times if you dont feed every put in you wont get a bite, it's trial and error, put too much in and they'll back off, dont put enough in and they'll go elsewhere for dinner


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                    whats a pole pot? is this something u but your feed in and tip where you place your float?

                    sorry im new to poling


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                      Yea, they attatch to the end of your pole so you can drop in in exactly the place you want it


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                        It's a Talk Angling moderator!! lol No seriously its a pot /cup that in one way or another is attached to your top pole section or a dedicated top section so that you can place feed accurately where you're fishing.You need to visit a tackle shop to seek advice on your pole questions. Go early in the week when they'll be pleased to help you when not too busy!!
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                          cheers guys..

                          most important really for me to know is, how would you feed and attract the fish..

                          main baits in this venue are...


                          i know where to fish e.g. how far out, but usually when i set up i bait my area with a hand full of mixd bait, e.g. the above..... would you advise this or not?

                          would u also advise to use a smaller hook e.g. 18 not 16 or 14?


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                            You would be better off just feeding pellet, if you can use paste I would imagine you can use pellet. Leave the other stuff for the hook


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                              excellent, i will try..

                              any kind of pellet? what intervals to feed?