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Changes in water temp (match fishing)

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  • Changes in water temp (match fishing)

    Hay again, you will soon get all fedup with my threads soon hehe

    sorry im new, just seeking advice..

    i match fish most saturdays with mates there more experienced than me and know whats what...

    all im asking here is, the best way to catch the fish in colder waters, depths, bait ect ect.

    and how to feed.

    thanks in advance

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    Newie, give us a clue on the venues you are fishing, are they commercials, natural waters etc and more importantly what the stocks are, as information for fishing a canal is totally different to fishing a commercial full of F1 carp.


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      ancaster, woodland waters.

      pond basically..

      stocks of fish are...

      guogeon (sp)


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        Right the first two species the carp and tench tend to shut up shop a little during winter, although on a heavily stocked commercial you can expect some carp to feed, it would be better to target the skimmers and roach,
        look for the deeper waters as the tempratures drop and my approach would be to have a couple of lines feed one with pinkies, the other chop worm and caster, feeding should be light to start off and only if they are really having it increased. Another bait that can come into its own in winter is liquidized bread with punched bread over the top.
        For the carp it might pay to just straight ledger sweetcorn around your peg as often you will need to put it right in front before they will respond.


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          one thing... can only use 1 line and im using the pole with 18 hook...

          fishing bottom close in is approx 3ft.

          the pond is packed with fish, all carp aswell

          Small Carp Lake is what we are fishing - according to the website...

          Regular anglers regard this as an easy water in which to catch fish. Carp to
          3½ lbs are average (there is bigger). The lake is ¾ of an acre with two islands. Catches are frequently in excess of 50 lbs. (that aint true at all)



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            Right first off carefully plumb your peg and look for an area in your peg where it goes deeper and look to fish there, feed two places say one ot 10 o clock and one at two o clock, that way you can fish two lines with the same rig, whilst pellets may still work, i would look to feed caster one one and maggot ( pinkie ) on the other, I would at this time of the year if feeding pellet only use micro pellets and feed only small amounts, but would still add a pinch of maggot or caster, a lot depends on how the venue fishes in winter look at what others have on their bait tray, regulars at a venue will be using what is working.



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              so i need micro feed pellets, mags, caster, will have corn anyway.

              we are also fishing 8-3pm


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                Corn is a super winter bait but you will probably need to "feed to your bites" - by that I mean choose your spot to fish say at the bottom of the shelf just where the lake gets to near its deepest point usually between 4 and 6M out - then cup in say 10 - 15 grains of corn and a bit of hemp and fish over the top of this. Dont feed any more corn until you have had a bite or ideally caught a fish - then top up with the same amount of corn again and wait for the next fish. You should find later in the match you are catching quicker and quicker and remember to do a weight of 50Lb you are probably looking to catch say 15 - 20 fish so you are not looking to catch very quickly and dont worry if you dont catch for the first couple of hours.
                Simon Young
                Talk Angling UK fishing chat and tackle
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                  and use corn on the hook or something else?


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                    Yes use corn on the hook, for a change bait try whole denrabena or coloured corn - like get some of the red spray or flavoured like scopex


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                      i see.

                      but i know for a fact fishing mags on the bottom close in works excellent


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                        Also try frozen dead maggot did ok with them last week.(put a couple of handfulls of maggots in plastic bag remove the air and put in the coldest part off freezer take them out on the morning you go, should have thawed by the time you get there)


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                          and what do they do?


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                            Newies, freezing the maggots just kills them... then they will just lay on the bottom - there are differing arguements as to why they are so effective but personally I believe that the fish eat the dead maggots more confidently because live maggots usually equals risk (i.e. someone is fishing there) the dead maggots are what the fish eat later at night or after a match when they have drowned if you see what I mean.
                            Simon Young
                            Talk Angling UK fishing chat and tackle
                            web design Doncaster - Limitless Digital


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                              mmmm worth trying that, i will do.

                              excellent, suppose its a change and not many people use it?