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Banned Methods and Venues

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  • Banned Methods and Venues

    Wondered what the strangest bans you have heard of are...

    I was a Woodlands Thirsk on the Fishomania this year and my waggler was apparently banned for being "too fat"... splashing wagglers are banned but mine was certainly not that, it was a dead straight home made pellet waggler about 6in long and 1cm in diameter with the ends rounded and wasnt loaded... anyway it was banned as soon as I chucked it out just before the start as a test cast...

    Nathan Watson qualified that day with a waggler that looked almost identical to mine! But his wasnt banned... ho humm you live and learn!

    Any strange bans you guys have seen?
    Simon Young
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    lenton, lincolnshire..

    according to the website, your not allowed to fish on the bottom (feeder, bomb)


    • #3
      If anyone can explain the "no dead maggots " rule at Gold Valley ............


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        There again, weird bans are nothing new. 30 years ago when I lived in Northumberland the day tickets for a stretch of th River Till stated that "Worm fishing is allowed using the old method only" Eh?


        • #5
          no dead mags?? ive been told about that on this forum, this week, and im trying them out...

          there currently thoring out as i type this


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            HanKat AS matches...if you moan at the organiser and its unjustified....your banned.


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              Some places seem to ban methods as soon as they start producing good weights as if the owners don't want their fish to be caught.

              I think that the rule banning any pellet but the venues own is a bit harsh as at most places if you ever see the bulk bags of pellets they're all from the same manufacturer and before someone has a go I know that there are venues that do have their own brands but I think they are an exception rather than the rule.


              • #8
                No cupping water!!

                I'm sure some enterprising fishery owner will allow it if the water is purchased from him


                • #9
                  no feeding with your cupping kit while fishing witht the rod
                  sensas /total angling


                  • #10
                    lmao at woodhouse
                    In darkness we do what we can
                    In daylight we're oblivion


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                      Strange but one for the welfare of fish - think it was at moorlands - no fishing within 6 foot of the bank - during spawning


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                        Well done woodhouse, you aren't the organiser are you?


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                          There is a commercial near here athat at one time you had to nominate before the match whether you were going to fish on the bottom or up in the water. Once nominated, you couldn't change what you were doing during the match. They have now totally banned up in the water fishing and evryone has to fish on the bottom in all their matches.

                          I have banned them from my mobile telephone and never book in for a match there anymore. :-)


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                            At Broad Acre fishery in Redditch. The bans are No floating baits, No pellets unless bought from fishery cabin, No hooks bigger than size 10, No keepnets(which i can appreciaite), no boilies or groundbait.

                            Most of them i dnt mind but no floating baits i just find wierd since there is no ducks ect..


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                              Oh, and for thoestse of you who might be interested in visiting, here is a site : - Broad Acres Fishery, Hanbury, near Bromsgrove, Worcestershire

                              There are four pools : Specimen pool, Main pool, Charlies pool and Bills pool. And well for the rest, ill let the site show you.