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  • additives

    has anyone had any success with additives on pellets and which ones, ive tried allsorts and it hasn't made any difference ,I believe carp are attracted to acid type flavours, is this true and which ones could u recommend.

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    Garlic salt...cant say any more
    In darkness we do what we can
    In daylight we're oblivion


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      I usually use sweet flavours (strawberry, scopex ect..) in the summer and during the winter months i use 'meaty' flavours like squid and octopus, monster crab and sometimes marine halibut.

      Not sure about anyone else but its just what i do. Its a habit!



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        I use scopex on maggots in winter. Rarely use maggots in summer. .....unless they're plumrose ones


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          i have used Scopex in the winter on my hooker pellets but stopped using it and still had the same results so the only time the flavouring comes out the bag now is for my hands after i have put sun tan lotion on in the summer
          Matt Smith
          Bag'em matchbaits


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            How do you know they wouldn't be attracted by your sun tan lotion!!?
            John - Kingfisher
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              This may sound odd and silly, but i tested an additive from ebay after reading his auction and also emailing and asking people that used it... i thought it £8 worth a shot..

              hells bells its good, very good, i caught carp/bream all weekend, not mentioning losing about 7...

              check it out, your call, but it worked perfectly for me..

     Coarse/Carp/match fishing/bait additive, buy my secret (item 260052046044 end time 15-Nov-06 09:35:50 GMT)


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                i will sell you some £2 a bottle cheaper than you can get it.....secret stuff
                In darkness we do what we can
                In daylight we're oblivion