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Todays fishing - and a thanks too.....

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  • Todays fishing - and a thanks too.....

    Steve Davis and other people who advised me on ground bait and feeders...

    arrived at the venue and my 1st rod which was lead on the alarm went straight out 8am on a single piece of corn and an 18 about 1.5m from the island on the moon lake tattershall....

    i then continued to set up and get all comfy and sorted with my feeder rod..

    5mins into setting up... BEEEEEEPPPPPPP, bang, hooked and landed an 11lb mirror, thats my PB, previous was 9lb. ABSOLUTLEY CHUFFED TO BITS...

    only little thing that pi££ed me off was i left my digi cam round the misses house...

    anyway, got the feeder all set up and running, i did what i was advised my STEVE DAVIS as he has fished it before...

    1. just use gb and cast 2m from island, i did this, started with corn, nothing, then used meat and nothing.....went on to double red maggot and BINGO, carp carp carp..

    2. then it dyed off, to went half way, used the mags, added a little pellet feed in the gb and my EBAY additive (it works "fred") , then BANG BANG, more nice carp 4-5lbs (also lost 1 that was roughly double figures, i did see it, snapped off before the landing net )

    i got snapped off 5 times, and lost 3 other carp...

    great day, chuffed, also got 5 nice bream...

    pickworth lincs tomoz and fishing that the same way as i did the moon today, as there is also an island feature which im going to be using...

    thank guys...

    ps @ FRED - get some of that additive i got, its good, 2nd test is 2moz.

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    day 2 fishing, which was today sunday 12th nov..

    used the same set up and method as i did at the moon, and hay prestooooo

    carp carp carp again, i had a great weekend, bagged up about 50lb odd. again i got snapped off 3 times, ggrrrr


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      think u should up ur line a bit or losen ur drag a bit if u keep getting bust.
      wot line u using??


      • #4
        feeder was 6lb main and 2.10lb hook to nylon

        lead was unsure main line and 2.10lb hook to nylon


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          Newies, well done did you beat the other lads?

          Main line is ok but even at this time of year with carp going to 20lb you should have a hook length of .16 or at least .14.
          Steve Davies


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            hay steve, yeah i won, beat the rest, 2nd place was 13.4lbs..

            what do u mean by hook length .16 or .14?? i used the preston size 18 with 2.10lb hook strength and whatever length they came in`..

            really gutted i lost those big ones, was only the hook to nylon that snapped..

            im going again friday and saturday this week, fishing exactly the same..


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              Hi Newie,

              Glad u found the advice worked for you. However your setup is not correct for any kind of carp feeder fishing as your hook link is WAY too light. The thickness of the line is normaly how we match anglers measure our setup's.... not breaking strain. For example .16 is roughly equivelant to 6lb breaking strain which in my opinion is the minimum you should use for feeder fishing were carp over 5lb are the target. Broken hooklengths should rarley occur if u play the fish correctly either off the reel or with a correctly adjusted drag. All decent anglers strive to prevent such occurrances in the interest's of fish welfare & make the neccessary adjustments should a breakage occur. Enjoy your next outing but remember to scale up your tackle when catching larger fish. I fish .20 straight through to the hook in summer & .16 in the winter when fishing for carp.
              Last edited by Paulscatt; 13 November 2006, 10:03 AM.


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                ok, thanks paul, can you now please tell me the make of hook size 18 i need to go for with the .16 as your suggested?

                thanks alot...


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                  Hooks are a personal choice but i use Preston PR27 eyed for my feeder fishing for carp.


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                    are these hooks to nylon?

                    no me, i im bothered what hooks i use.

                    theres also, not JUST carp where im fishing, i did get 5 bream, but mainly carp. theres also nice barbel to.


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                      Always fish a 'proper' hooklength when carp are gonna pull that tip round. The bream & Barbel will still av it too................


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                        will pop to the tackle shop and ask there...


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                          according the my tackle shop, hes putting down to a bad pack of hooks, i was fishing 6 main and 4 hook length on those prestons...

                          friday im going straight through on pr27s on the feeder and hook to nylon on the alarm to test


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                            Hi Newies

                            I use Drennan Animal hooks. You can get them as hooks to nylon but I prefer the barbless eyed hook. I still use a hook tyer. Put the line through the eye then use the hook tyer as normal. I do this because I find that with small spade end hooks with heavy line the spade end isn't big enough and the line pulls over and you loose the hook.

                            Hope this is helpful.
                            Last edited by ferg; 15 November 2006, 07:41 AM. Reason: spelling mistakes


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                              hay there ferg...

                              im using 2 rods, so gonna give the single eyed hook straight through on main line on 1 and hook to nylon on my feeder..

                              i never ever use spade end (unless hook to nylon) because i cant tye them.