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Best fishing pole ?

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  • Best fishing pole ?

    Dear friends,

    I am interested to buy a strong and rigid fishing pole, approximatelly 9m long capable of lifting max. 4-5lb fish out of the sea. The weight of the rod is not an issue. After some internet searching, I have concluded that the Shimano 8.5m Margin Pole, the Sheakspeare Goliath Extreme Pole and a pole from Maver are possible candidates.

    Have you ever used any of the above rods, and if so, what is your opinion ?
    Would you recommend a fishing pole to suit the above characteristics ?

    best regards

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    Not a good practice

    Get a drop net................. :

    We British anglers dont agree with yanking any fish of any size out of the water without a landing net.
    Last edited by Paulscatt; 14 November 2006, 11:36 AM.


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      thanks for the reply,

      just being curious, why is this not a good practice ?


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        The only reason is that it could tear fishes mouths. Here, most of the fish we catch are returned. If we didn't because we are overcrowded on our island there would shortly be nothing to fish for.

        If you are fishing for the pot in Greece, off piers and jetties, then I wouldn't worry too much about the niceties that we practice over here. People should be more aware of others traditions and methods and not always want to try to apply their own standards to everyone else in the world.

        Referring to the poles you mention, to be honest I doubt any would be capable of lifting a dead weight of that size. Yet alone, something kicking on a line.