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Korum Carp Feeder

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  • Korum Carp Feeder

    I have 1.. got given it..

    need advice here, i was going to use my small open caged feeder, but would it be better to use this carp feeder??

    also, whats the elastic all about? i was going to use it like a normal feeder, running free up the line with a weight as a stopper...

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    You may have to use it free running some places have banned the elasticated feeder.


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      If it's allowed the best way to attach it is with a snap link conector tie that onto your main line with your prefered knot. Then clip the conector over the top of the method feeder. Then use a small 3" hooklength, thread the hook through the metal ring, then put the hook through the loop and pull. If you were fishing a match you tend to have a couple of spares next to you which you make up whilst your main one is already in the water. As soon as you retrieve it back you can swap it and get straight back out. Another tip is to mould a layer of groundbait around the feeder then place the hook bait inside it and then mould a lighter layer over this making it buried, so when the fish are knocking the gb and searching through it your hookbait will be right amongst it. Whola set up complete. Oh and the elastic is used as a shock absorber. Just check that the fishery you fish allows it before you start.


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        dont quite understand how to tie it on. i know the main line hook length is attached to the electic. undersure about the rest


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          I know sorry bit hard to explain really need to show you. Il see if i can find something to help.


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            thank you mate.

            pictures are best