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skimmer fishing

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  • skimmer fishing

    anyone got any advice on "special baits and tactics" to get me sum skimmers in the net.........cheers

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    One thing for certain is that skimmers love fishmeal and will respond to fishmeal groundbait and the pellet, whilst i might be reluctant to feed a crumb based groundbait at this time of the year leam and fishmeal will get them interested and wont overfeed them.


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      Are we talking lakes or canals here?

      If we are talking canals at this time of year bread punch is always a winner and try fishing big white maggot over the top of a small ball of 50% liquidised bread + 50% fine brown crumb (a ball about the size of a golf ball or a bit smaller to kick off)

      On lakes using a feeder try dead joker in leam + a few small pieces of meat and a few dead red maggots.... try fishing red maggot or piece of meat over the top.
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        Would also try fouro-pinkie as a change bait and/or red worm.


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          Can't forget the good old caster!


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            On my local waters, the skimmers adore Swimstim groundbait (the green one) and the cats'n'dogs scopex ready to hook pellets. Lace the groundbait with suatts, and as said above I tend to use flouro pinkies as well as double suatt as hookbait.

            This has worked for me on the cut and on the stillwaters.


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              here's what i do on "my" canal, if coloured, goundbait with a *small* helping of chopped worms, chop em early so they die, add squatts to them, they'll die too, some casters, some pinkies, dead if you want to continue the theme...
              and go through the card with hookbaits, squatt, pinkie, red maggot, caster, usually ends up with roach and perch first before the skimmers arrive.
              this goes down the track, choppie n caster accross, every time.