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  • Catapults

    Which catapults do you use for your up in the water fishing? Or have you adapted existing ones?
    Simon Young
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  • #2
    I just use the drennan ones with the laccy glued on to prevent it slipping off half way through the match


    • #3
      drennan are the best


      • #4
        The Drennan ones.......... but I always take at least 2-3 as I seem to snap a few laggys per session
        Dave Kightley



        • #5
          Try replacing some of the laccy with duel core, works a treat


          • #6
            Try replacing some of the laccy with duel core, works a treat

            Been doing that for ages Fred,you can have catty strengths for all occasions.


            • #7
              Much as I love the Drennan catty's I've sometimes found a problem with the elastics spinning up which can be a pain.

              Been playing around with a couple of old frames and have done away with the pins, replacing them with swivels........

              This seems to impove things no end, with a change to Drennan Carp Bungee as the elastic.

              Still work in progress at the moment though, got some larger Mustad swivels to try next.
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              • #8
                Bloody brilliant Pete M ,
                Been through quite a lot of different cattys over the years.
                Addapted all kinds of cattys from what i have found to be the best bits that have lasted on them.
                Ended up with vespe frames,preston hollo elastic.
                Just the pouches to sort now , not found any that have not ripped on me yet!
                The new fox pouches are the perfect size for fishing pellet shallow on the wag,as the pouch is deep and stays rigid for easy loading with one hand.
                But they are not all that strong (shame).
                About time someone made a bullet proof catty because there is a gap in the market for one
                Roll on friday


                • #9
                  do you recall the ones we used to make ourselves out of ply and tennis ball halfs......pmsl we used to use that gear.....was like a scatter gun going off
                  In darkness we do what we can
                  In daylight we're oblivion


                  • #10
                    I rub super glue over the mesh on Drennan cattys,this stiffens it up.