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A question for the Bullhead specialists among us...

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  • A question for the Bullhead specialists among us...

    Only had one bite on the Thames today (not that I actually saw it) which turned out to be a bullhead.

    Talking about it in the car on the journey back (wasn't much else to discuss!) worked out that neither of us could ever remember catching a bullhead on a day when had caught anything else at all.

    Anyone else noticed this ?
    And you thought catching a ruffe as your first fish of the day was a bad sign....

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    Long ago when we used to fish rivers, we only normally caught bullheads when the river was in flood and nothing else was having it.
    A bullhead caused the biggest controversy at the 'weigh in' ever in the history of the club.

    It was on the river severn, the river was in flood and only 2 guys had caught. Both guys had the same weight, however

    1st guy weighed in 2lb 14oz(1 barbel and a bullhead)
    2nd guy weighed in 2lb 140z (1 chub)

    The guy with the chub argued that he had won the prize for the biggest fish because the other guys barbel weighed 2lb 14oz minus the weight of the bullhead.

    So we weighed the barbel on its own....but it still weighed 2lb 14oz.

    The guy with the barbel then argued that he had won the match because he had a barbel of 2lb 14oz + the weight of the bullhead.

    Cant remember how we sorted it out but it was dark when we went home.
    Bullheads are now banned in our club.


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      Nice one...

      Could have caused something similar in my club about five years ago when weighed in a real specimen bullhead on a flooded R Colne. It was about the size of the palm of my hand and the scalesman gave me 0-1-4 for it.

      We had a trophy for the best specimen fish in a club match, worked out as a percentage of the British record- took great delight in informing people that they'd need a roach of 2 12 or so, a chub well over 6 or an 12 lb barbel to beat me.Actually didn't (and don't) have a clue what the bullhead record is, if any, but it was fun watching their faces....