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Ground bait

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  • Ground bait

    Any advice please on quality ground bait i can use for bream/tench

    im currently using Halibat BBQ for carp, and its very very good, so now looking for a gb for the bream/tench to mix in.


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    This time of year Newies its getting alot colder so you really should be not using very much groundbait if any at all.... perhaps try some sensas lake and sensas pure brown crumb but go careful dont put too much in... a better bet would be to get some lobworms and chops them up really fine feed that and a bit of caster and a few red maggots - fish a piece of worm over the top.
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      im using a small feeder, have been for the past 3 weeks and results have been very very good...

      with my gb, id be adding, caster, worm, corn, odd pellet aswell, this has been really affective for me over the weeks.

      also i had chopped boilie aswell, but i wont be doing that this week. so really looking for an excellent bream/tench attractor as i already have the carp one


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        I disagree. I feed groundbait thro the feeder in winter for bream but modify its colour depending on the clarity of the water. Also mix it the night b4 so it does not fizz when leavin the feeder. Also I think catching tench in the colder months is a rare treat rather than the norm.
        Worm & caster is a good alternative however on some venues it can be the kiss of death ...... but so can using groundbait Best thing to do is either ask the local match regulars & have a couple of practice sessions b4 match fishing the venue as always.


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          the guy fishing there on sunday was using worm and a real dark gb with chopped worm in..

          the pond has big carp in ranging from 5lb to over 20lb (i have my gb for these)

          the guy also said corn is very very good, that will be going on my alarm..

          my hook baits will be, red mag, caster, worm all on my feeder....