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  • any tips

    do you have any good tips or advice for fishing in the winter? (i doesn't matter whats its on Rigs, Bait, Tackle anything)
    :D I'll fish anytime and anywhere (as you can see).:D

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    Location is often the biggest factor in winter fishing. Doesn't matter whether it is on lakes, ponds or rivers the fish of all species are fouind in groups. Cyprinids shoal together where they feel safe from predators and the predators follow them. Find the fish by asking around or experimentation and you can often have a great days fishing in the winter. Other areas are almost devoid of fish.


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      Its easy to overfeed so start slowly and feel your way in. Dot your float right down as bites can be very difficult to see. Dont be afraid to cast around a bit as sometimes you need to drop the bait right in front of them as they wont be moving around much. Try different size baits, ie single maggot or double corn. Also try flavours such as scopex. Be patient as the feeding window may be small and they may switch on and off very quickly. If you're on the feeder it sometimes pays to chuck it and leave it until it goes round.


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        Know your water,
        Know your prey.
        Stay warm.
        Stay dry,
        Have hot drinks available,
        Plan your session in advance and you should catch fish.


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          [QUOTE=royst If you're on the feeder it sometimes pays to chuck it and leave it until it goes round.[/QUOTE]

          What if it's only a 5 hour match?


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            If it dont go round in 5 hours check to see if the lakes frozen over.


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              or you have put the hook on
              Regards Billy Boy :)

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