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Evil B******s

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  • Evil B******s

    Hi all
    After a run of good luck on the fishing scene I came back down to earth with a bump after finding (or not finding) all my rods and poles and every reel in my box, had been nicked from my shed nothing else was taken just two rod bags and reels and all their contents so I won't be fishing for a while, unless handlining is allowed. 2nd thoughts they nicked every hook out of my box also.
    So it's sunday's in front of the box for a while, until the Insurance company cough up, if they do, What surprised me was the cost of all the gear we accumulate over years in our sport. I didn't own top of the range stuff but when totalled up it came to over £3300. Thats a lot of money by anyones standards.
    Still look on the bright side I still have my Boss box and its contents and all the other paraphenalia that we carry.
    Garbolino Super Legion - a great pole - it is for me anyway

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    thats slough for yer.

    unlucky mate id hate to happen to me but keep poles etc in my room
    sensas /total angling


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      Thats tough Boss man without doubt the theiving toe rags will flog it on for a lot less than its worth, it happened to me many years ago and whilst the insurance company paid up it, was not the easily purchased items it was all the things we had to make our selves back then, things like baitwaiters and trolleys were not purchasable, mine went walkies 4 days into a new season there must have been 400 hand made floats and maybe a thousand tied hooks, the plus side was they left my wellies but then perhaps they did not fit.
      My advice for what its worth is look round for an office reclamation company, and obtain a couple of large steel office cabinets (suspended file cabinets or similar ), fit a couple of hasp and staples the type that when locked the screw heads cant be seen and couple of security padlocks, with the cabinet bolted to the floor and wall makes for a pretty secure place for your tackle.
      Cost for me was well under £100 and covers two lots of tackle, along with some tools.


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        Sorry to hear that Boss man, but I, like you learnt the hard way. I had all my gear stolen from my garage which is attached to the house about 5 years ago.
        I now keep my gear in the house, except for the smelly nets
        If its any consolation, once the insurance paid up I ended up with acceptable replacements. I hope you do too.


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          sorry to hear that.
          :D I'll fish anytime and anywhere (as you can see).:D


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            Their hands ought to fall off,and there goolies fester b######s.


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              So sorry to hear of your dilema Boss Man. It's not just the thought of your tackle being nicked but the fact that somebody has been on your property, and when they carry out these mindless acts they have no idea of the inconvinienve they cause. They are the scum of the earth and no punishment is strong enough for them

              So anyone in Slough keep your tabs open for any tackle being sold cheap.

              Lets hope Santa brings you a nice big fat cheque mate. But when you eventually replace your gear please dont make it easy for them as they will be back for the new stuff.

              Hope you get it sorted mate.
              Regards Billy Boy :)

              .`.??.??`.??.??`.? ><((((?>
              .`?.??.???`?.??.???`?.? ><((((?>


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                Might be worth putting a list up, you never know....

                Takes years to build up and minutes to disappear...



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                  Hi All
                  Thanks for your words of support it somehow makes you feel better when other like-minded people care.
                  I just have to wait for the Insurance company to cough up now.
                  Garbolino Super Legion - a great pole - it is for me anyway