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The Arva Festival.

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  • The Arva Festival.

    Aint even wet a line for a few years but never used to miss the good festival the Arva,on the Gowna and the Arva this year so it should be a laugh,Pools Fodder about to board the Ferry as I need lots of practise,oh and some new line on my reels and id better sort that hole in me wellies and mend me stand,think id better get a new keepnet,just in case,ha ha ha im laughing cos if I don't I might start crying

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    Gook luck mate keep us posted with how your match's go and the results


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      Just back from the Bream or Brambles tour and its been a great laugh,seen lots of old friends from Dead Rudd to big Kevin and craic has been great,the Gowna ran by Nigel Holdsworth and Lasher Linford was brilliant except im sick of eating Brambles,managed one section win but hey ho that's how it is.Wayne Easter can draw for England but fair play to him he did the bizz and won it,Neil Parkinson is on fire with some great perfomances on the pole and in the money again,lots of fish to be had on the pole Hybreds galore and big roach,lots of fish caught but sadly ive left results sheet in my digs but I will get it sorted,The Arva has just been won by that man Neil Parkinson with W.Easter second again lots of roach and Hybreds to be had on the pole but just more Brambles for me,sick of them,managed a section win on the Gowna but on the Arva could not draw near any Bream,sat next to Dead Rudd on Dernafest and gave him stick all day about his helper bless him but we had a laugh he had the last laugh as he pole fished for 12 kilos and me on my swingtip only managed five kilo mind you he was beat next peg by John Jowett,by 2 kilo he had 14.Big Kev was staying with John Turton in Arva and I asked John what Kevs role was in the apartments they were staying 'he's in charge of the remote' was the answer ha ha,Tommy Pickering went nuts on the Arva presentation night had supped a whole pint of coca cola,nice one Tommy and Mick Vials has just turned up to fish the World Pairs with him it was great to see them both as well,its a shame the King Of Clubs clashes with the Pairs but hey ho,the King Of Clubs will be on my plans next year as its getting back to a good comp again with Eamon Grey running the show,Kev Johnson giving him a lift and Roy (love you long time baby)Marshall and Graham Frith also helping out,next year I will have to take my poles as the feeder fishing days for now have slowed down,oh and im sick of eating Brambles.