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James maude ac double header boldings fishery

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  • James maude ac double header boldings fishery


    Saturday 11th & Sunday 12th OCTOBER 2014 (6hrs)

    So the much awaited double header at the Boldings complex in Bridgnorth, two matches fished over the weekend with a pint thrown in at night. The two hour journey down to Shropshire was greeted with an early morning mist on our departure from Mansfield, one reminiscent of the good old Trent days a very Autumnal feel to the start of the proceedings. With some lads eating on-route and others were fuelling up at the cafe on the Boldings complex, Thank you Richard for your excellent breakfasts. This weekend two pools would be fished the Ash and the Willows and whoever drew the Ash on Saturday would fish the Willows on the Sunday and vice a versa, with the top two from each pool getting the spoils. Also a pair’s competition would be drawn and the combined weights of the pairs would be added together to decide the Boldings weekend pairs champs. With a considerable drop in temperatures in the night the dash board was reading 3.5 deg C, with the usual handshakes and banter to bring some warmth into the proceedings the Maude’s men made their way into the draw cabin with moneys paid on it was time for the pairs draw as follows:
    Kyle Wood & Alan Slack
    Kev Brown & Pete Jackson
    Terry Cheeseman & Terry Wiggins
    Brian Cox & Tony Smith
    Dave Lilliman & Billy Harrison
    Dean Collingham & Nick Heath
    Paul Skeldon & Lenny Burton
    Gary Butcher & Lawrence Butcher

    So with joviality taking over at the prospect and excitement to the conclusion of the pairs draw, it was time to draw for which lake you would be stationed on.
    With temps down and the water looking rather blue/green would this have an adverse effect on the weights, not many fish topping a long day was in store but the Willows had the edge just on the day with top weight going to Kev Brown with 54lb-6oz. Well done Kev. Second place and pegged as his neighbour was Terry Cheeseman taking 50lb-4oz to the scales. Well done Terry. Brian Cox fished a good match to clinch third place with a commendable 42lb-13oz. Well done Brian.
    Top weights from the Ash pool were Kyle Wood who his making sure he regains his title with 44lb-15oz. Well done Kyle. Second place was Dave Lilliman with 27lb-3oz. Well done Dave. Third place went to Terry Wiggins taking 24lb-6oz. Well done Terry.

    The results from Saturday are as follows:
    Kev Brown 54lb-6oz Willows
    Terry Cheeseman 50lb-4oz Willows
    Kyle Wood 44lb-15oz Ash
    Brian Cox 50lb-4oz Willows
    Dean Collingham 34lb-4oz Willows
    Andy Topham 33lb-4oz Willows
    Dave Lilliman 27lb-3oz Ash
    Pete Jackson 25lb-11oz Willows
    Terry Wiggins 24lb-6oz Ash
    Gary Butcher 24lb-4oz Willows
    Paul Skeldon 22lb Ash
    Lawrence Butcher 16lb-5oz Willows
    Sean Hanrahan 12lb-12oz Ash
    Billy Harrison 8lb-8oz Ash
    Lenny Burton 6lb-13oz Ash
    Tony Smith 6lb-10oz Ash
    Alan Slack 6lb Willows
    Nick Heath 4lb-5oz Ash

    So the 18 brave souls stuck to the task in hand and it was off to the Black Horse Inn to dwell on tales of woe over a pint or two or three or four and the ones that got away. But who would be top rod Sunday after a night of fantastic entertainment and beer. Gingerly they made their way into the dining room to regain some normality following a cooked breakfast and then off to do it all again. Sunday saw a further drop in temperatures know reading 2 deg C on the dash board and a really heavy mist hanging over the lakes to block out the sun that was doing its best to break through. Today was all about regaining your conscience as concentration levels had dropped like the temps.. Willows Lake seemed the better of the two slightly with Kyle Wood doing what he does best and catch fish keeping a constant stream coming all day Kyle worked very hard to put 96lb-1oz on the scales. Well done Kyle. Second place went to Mr consistent once again Dave Lilliman with 54lb-14oz. Well done Dave. Third place following his dismal display from Saturday was Nick Heath, Nick had a steady stream of fish to weigh 48lb-5oz. Well done Nick. Top rod on the Ash went to Andy Topham with Andy’s pair’s partner opting not to fish Andy had to work hard and this he did to weigh a commendable 51lb-9oz. Well done Andy. Close behind and keeping a little pressure on Kyle Wood was Kev Brown with 45lb-1oz. Well done Kev. Third place went to the JM v BB winner Pete Jackson from last week, Pete had 31lb-2oz. Well done Pete.
    So low weights once again and the general consensus around the complex is that all the lakes switched off after a bumper weekend before, but that’s fishing lads.
    The results from Sunday are as follows:
    Kyle Wood 96lb-1oz Willows
    Dave Lilliman 54lb-14oz Willows
    Andy Topham 51lb-9oz Ash
    Nick Heath 48lb-5oz Willows
    Kev Brown 45lb-1oz Ash
    Paul Skeldon 42lb-5oz Willows
    Pete Jackson 31lb-2oz Ash
    Terry Wiggins 30lb-8oz Willows
    Tony Smith 28lb-3oz Willows
    Brian Cox 24lb-10oz Ash
    Alan Slack 17lb-9oz Ash
    Terry Cheeseman 17lb-6oz Ash
    Gary Butcher 15lb-3oz Ash
    Dean Collingham 12lb-11oz Ash
    Billy Harrison 10lb-4oz Willows
    Lenny Burton 6lb-8oz Willows
    Lawrence Butcher 0.3oz Ash
    Sean Hanrahan DNF Willows

    So as another great weekend comes to an end with some tough weights on the cards.

    The results of the pairs are as follows:
    Kyle Wood / Alan Slack 164lb-9oz
    Kev Brown / Pete Jackson 156lb-4oz
    Terry Cheeseman / Terry Wiggins 122lb-8oz
    Brian Cox / Tony Smith 102lb-4oz
    Dave Lilliman / Billy Harrison 100lb-13oz
    Dean Collingham / Nick Heath 99lb-9oz
    Andy Topham / Sean Hanrahan 97lb-10oz
    Paul Skeldon / Lenny Burton 77lb-10oz
    Gary Butcher / Lawrence Butcher 55lb-15oz

    Very well done to Kyle and Alan on your pairs win
    But very well done to all those who participated.

    Next match Saturday 18th October Messingham Sands Trip Lake.

    Thank you for taking the time to read.
    Regards Billy Boy :)

    .`.??.??`.??.??`.? ><((((?>
    .`?.??.???`?.??.???`?.? ><((((?>