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    Maggotdrowning Southern Champs 2006

    Arriving at Monk Lakes things didn't look too bad, patches of blue sky & fluffy clouds but the forecast was for "Doyle Weather" so we were all holding our breath. A short while after arriving darker clouds started drifting across the sky and I looked around for Malc, he was nowhere to be seen but Dai had just arrived all the way from Wales and I wondered whether Malc had stowed away in his boot.

    Most guys tucked in to Bacon or Sausage Baguettes as well as the full english before the draw. Wednesdays match had been won with 125lbs from peg 45 so I knew that this was a decent peg to draw, obviously my daughter Jessica drew us pegs about as far away from that area as she could. Along came "Golden Balls" Morton in went his grubby mitt and of course out came 45 why I did I know this would happen.

    The "All In" was called at 11am and out went pole cups full of pellet or groundbait all around the lake.... except for me, I was too busy getting my Jessica organised. Having only fished in 3 small junior matches a couple of years ago I felt I should make sure she was settled before I started.

    Within a few minutes elastic could be seen stretching from various poles in all corners of the venue as small Carp Golden Tench and suicidal Barbel came to the nets. It was ten minutes before I finally sat on my box by which time Jess had already landed a couple of fish. Despite the promised bad weather everyone seemed to be catching and early leaders appeared to be Peter and Nick Gilbert.

    A procession of small Tench and stocky Carp were dropped in the net by me over the next hour or two and for a change I was actually doing Ok. The only distraction during the match was the 30 visits I made to Jessica to unhook difficult fish, undo tangles and give a little advice if needed. All in all she did quite well especailly as she'd never used a landing net before.

    Speaking to Nick about half way through he was admitting to "maybe 40lb" but I thought he'd got more as he was catching one a bung on his shallow rig using banded pellet.

    I forgot to say I'd splashed out on purple hydro and was using it for the first time today set loose. I was very impressed with it and will probably have to buy soem Red for places like Rolfs in the future.

    At one point I looked across to Peter to see him sitting at the back of the car changing his footwear, I didn't know till afterwards he'd slipped in the lake, shame I didn't bl**dy see it.

    Finally the time came to weigh in and we started with Dave the Fish. He told me he'd got 31lb in one net and 35lb in the other...the scales would tell the truth. well he wasn't far out, his two weighs went 65lbs.

    Working our way along the first bank we weighed Ron B with 63lb, the the Welsh Wizard Dai with 81-08lb. Well done Dai, nice to see you back on the bank. Soon it was the turn of Mr Morton, his first net went 41lb (he told me he only used it for the last 90 minutes). Eventually his total weight was announced 100lb 08ozs he'd done the Ton just, mind you it could have been just under but the scalesman was generous (the scales bounced like crazy).

    We made our way around the lake recording weights and finally reached, "Nick I've got about 80lbs Gilbert" 3 keepnet fulls later and he'd weighed.....

    very close to his estimate......

    170lbs exactly

    You can guess the amount of stick Peter gave him, and I'm sure it will continue for years to come especailly after he told us he'd estimated 60 odd pounds at Hartleylands the other day and weighed.....


    The most surprising thing about the day apart from Nicks ineptitude at guessing wight was the amount of Barbel caught. Peter had 100lbs of the blighters whilst John Brimicombe reckoned he'd caught 150 of them. These fish are completely crazy torpedoing out of the water like exocet missiles, god help us in a few years when they reach 4-5lbs it's going to be manic.

    Anyway the scores on the doors were as follows:

    1st Nick Gilbert 170lbs
    2nd Peter Morton 100lbs 08ozs
    3rd Polemad 95lbs

    the remaining weights were

    Dai Fish 81-08
    John Brimicombe 80-08
    Black Hydro 78-08
    Chris Withall 70-00
    Dave the Fish 65-00
    Badatfishing 64-00
    RonB 63-00
    nomorelongwalks 57-08
    Wily Coyote 53-00
    Vince (vg1037) 52-08
    Colin the Pike 44-08
    Kevin the Catch 24-00
    and finally Jessica 21-00

    Total weight on the day was 1120lb 8 oz pretty good for a bunch of amateurs

    Thanks to all those who attended, lets look forward to next year.


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    Hi All
    Shame I couldn't be there as I was on holiday in Canada.
    Sounds like a great day was had by all
    Garbolino Super Legion - a great pole - it is for me anyway


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      I've posted my thoughts on the day HERE.
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      [URL=""][FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=blue]Click this link to read "My Fishing Diaries"[/COLOR][/FONT][/URL]