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James maude angling club boldings weekender

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  • James maude angling club boldings weekender




    Saturday 17th August (league match) was a day of difference in the James Maude Angling Club calendar as its members made their way into the picturesque Town of Bridgnorth, on their way to Boldings Pools and the Sycamore Lake. So it was an early start as the convoy of intrepid anglers made their way to the stunning cafe for a stunning breakfast and re-fuel to set them up for a days fishing.
    With consistent heavy rain on the previous day and into the night, anglers were already expecting a tough day ahead with the amount of cold water going into the lakes. With anglers all fuelled up the draw was made and the short journey past the first lake on your left the OAK, aptly named with the Big Oak tree that stands majestically and has a very poignant and symbolic meaning to the lads of James Maude Angling Club, for it is beneath the mighty Oak that one of the mightiest Anglers that ever fished with the James Maude Club TERRY CHEESEMAN, his ashes laid to rest in April 2017. And so as Terry watched over us as we approached the Sycamore Lake, the tension was building as the winner could come from any peg, hon sec Paul Skeldon secretary for 50years gave the now famous three blasts on his most treasured whistle, a steady start for most as they felt their way into the match with the catch rate having peaks and troughs, with more troughs than peaks it was evident this was going to be a hard days fishing, but the sun shone on us for most of the day as anglers went through plan A to Z in hope of increasing the catch rate. As the banter echoed around the lake making memorable moments as all James Maude matches do. The witching hour was upon us with anglers praying for the margin swims to produce a match winning weight, hon sec put the whistle to his lips to sound the all out, six hours past in a flash, so the all important part was the weigh-in proving what a tough day this was.
    Top man of the day was a Dave Lilliman pegged in a not fancied area peg 30 Dave fished a master class performance taking fish from his 2+2 line and making the edge swim really count with an impressive 88lb- 7 oz. well done Dave. Alan Slack took second on the podium with 83lb-10 oz from peg 39. Well done Alan. Scott Dibble on his maiden voyage to Bolding proved what a consistent angler he has become taking third place with 80lb-8oz from peg 8. Well done Scott. Fourth place was hon sec Paul Skeldon with another 80lb weight from peg 50. Well done Skelly.
    The results are as follows:
    Dave Lilliman 88-7 peg 30
    Alan Slack 83-10 peg 39
    Scott Dibble 80-8 peg 8
    Paul Skeldon 80-0 peg 50
    Phil Smedley 54-14 peg 48
    Pete Lamber 53-12 peg 4
    Gary Summerscales 53-10 peg 18
    Tony Smith 47-13 peg 13
    Roger Summerscales 46-14 peg 20
    Brian Cox 44-15 peg 27
    Terry Wiggins 25-5 peg 45
    Pete Jackson 25-3 peg 36
    Nick Heath 24-5 peg 33
    Billy Harrison 9-9 peg 24

    So the angling was over and the weigh- in completed as the anglers gathered around peg 50 Hon Sec the moment had arrived with the presentation following contributions from members and previous members of gift vouchers for Phil’s Bait & Tackle, to one of the most dedicated anglers but most of all the founder and still Hon Sec after 50 years of combined River Trent and the Commercial angling of James Maude Angling Club. Paul’s commitment to this club is nothing short of miraculous, and as we venture forwards into the second half of the season we really hope Paul puts his rod & reel to good use. Well done Hon Sec Skelly it has been a pleasure serving alongside you for the majority of those fifty years. Well done Skelly you were the winner on the day, long may we continue to serve this great club.

    And so as we bid farewell to three of our anglers it was time to depart to the Black Horse Inn for some much needed refreshments, and tell the tales of woe of what might have been,as the night progressed and the beer was consumed the fish got bigger as the evening went on. But the tales of woe were soon forgotten as the live music kicked in the atmosphere was cranked up with one of the best set of lads you could wish to spend a night out with, the banter was brilliant, thank you lads for a great night.
    But the morning soon come around and the magnificent eleven were up and ready to fish it all once again. A cracking breakfast at the Black Horse before our short trip to the complex.

    Sunday 18th August 2019
    Bolding Pools Chestnut Lake

    With rain forecast today was a day of negativity, but could the lads turn this into a day of positivity as temperatures were slightly down on previous days it was coat on coat off coat on coat off. It was looking like this could turnout a better day catch wise with anglers into fish from the off. It’s very strange how two days are never alike as anglers from the previous day that struggled found the fish, with Nick Heath drawn on peg 40 finding the most with an impressive performance taking the top ton of the day as Nick weighed 158lb-12 oz. Well done Nick. Pete Jackson pegged on 32 found the fishless bush to his left was to produce with 104lb-11oz. Well done Jacko. Pegs 36 & 18 were to produce a titanic battle between Roger Summerscales and Billy Harrison, but you can not argue with the scales as peg 36 weighed 100lb-9oz and peg 18 weighing 100lb-6oz and the third place podium went to a Roger Summerscales. Well done Roger. Fourth place and no cigar was Billy Harrison pegged on 18. Well done Me.
    So a much more productive days fishing with some good backup weights.
    The results are as follows:
    Nick Heath 158-12 peg 40
    Pete Jackson 104-11 peg 32
    Roger Summerscales 100-9 peg 36
    Billy Harrison 100-6 peg 18
    Gary Summerscales 92-12 peg 13
    Terry Wiggins 72-9 peg 28
    Brian Cox 66-9 peg 21
    Dave Lilliman 61-1 peg 16
    Pete Lambert 58-10 peg 23
    Alan Slack 55-6 peg 4
    Phil Smedley DNW peg 10

    I would like to thank all the lads for a great weekend and thank you for your continued support of James Maude Angling Club.

    Next match Saturday 24th August Janson’s Match Lake.

    Thank you for taking the time to read.
    Regards Billy Boy :)

    .`.??.??`.??.??`.? ><((((?>
    .`?.??.???`?.??.???`?.? ><((((?>