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Results for Cob House Midweeker 29 July

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  • Results for Cob House Midweeker 29 July

    Weather Conditions :- Mild with constant rain. Relentless rain. All day !! Just rain. Did I mention... RAIN !!

    Number Fished :- 10


    Open Match Results for Wyatts Pool

    Wed 29 July 2009

    What a day! Constant rain, heavy at times, meant 10 very wet anglers. Didn’t put the fish off though! The pool record – in fact the venue record - was beaten twice !! Firstly, our fish farm technician Scott Jones beat his own pool record (and Grant Albutt’s previous venue record) by taking 167lb + and then one of our newer visitors Scott Poynton crushed that with a whopping 207lb 14oz – his first ever double-ton. The triumphant winner stuck it out to find many of the bigger residents of Wyatts pool and managed, somehow, to avoid most of the smaller carp. A very respectable 3rd place for recent Cob House convert Matt Hodges who took 127lb and the fourth ton plus went to Mark Smith, another recent regular.

    Soft pellet, paste and meat fished tight on the inside caught the vast majority of the fish for everyone today.

    Wednesday 29 July 2009 Wyatts Pool 10 anglers

    1st Scott Poynton Maver 207 - 14 peg 29 NEW POOL AND VENUE RECORD

    2nd Scott Jones Cob House 167 - 14 peg 14

    3rd Matt Hodges Worcester 127 - 2 peg 26

    4th Mark Smith Malvern 113 – 4 peg 2

    Additional Info :-

    Double congratulations for Scotty P as he is getting married very soon. Have a great weddding and honeymoon mate.

    Added by :- fish farmer

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    Forgot - back up weights

    93, 86, 83, 77, 66, 37


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      well done scotty boy
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        welldone scott,s nice one
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          some good weights there jason good advert for CBs match,


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            Excellent weigh sheet especially if the weather was as bad there as it was here.. brilliant.
            I think a visit is overdue.



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              was thinking the same Carlbags its peed down here all day none stop


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                Well done again Scott, if i don't see you before, all the best on your big day.

                Anyway, never mind setting lake records, where are my floats???


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                  Some very nice weights there, double tons are not easy to come by
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