due to a mix up match was fished on Dragonfly pool
Sunday 02/08/09 - 17 fished 9.45 - 2-45 weather was warm sunny , then overcast

Loads of fish in margins all day, just did not want to feed

1st G. Thomas 81lb 8oz carp Margin maggot / pellet peg 23
2nd K "AKA" Haynes 33lb 110z carp pelet / Maggot margin peg 12
3rd Antony Marsh 24lb 8oz carp pellet margin peg 11
4th Eric Hall 19lb 3oz Maggot silvers peg 9
5th Tom 15lb 3oz peg 24
6th Tunna 14lb 8oz peg 7

other weights down to 6lb

well done Tommo