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Yardley Exservicemens - Bodymore Heath

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  • Yardley Exservicemens - Bodymore Heath

    14 members turned up on wind swept canal at Bodymore Heath.

    Keith Stanford took top spot with 4lb 6oz, which included a 2lb 10oz Perch, on pinkie fished down the track.

    1st K Stanford - 4lb 10oz
    2nd C Jones - 3lb 9oz 8dr
    3rd B Barton (Golden Hand) - 2lb 6oz

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    nice to see my name at the top for a change


    • #3
      why do they call you lastagain?????


      • #4
        it will be back to normal next week


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          as a new member to this foram what i want to know is where did golden hand get the "TRUSTED ANGLER" badge from, and can anybody buy one????


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            you may get one...if you around long enough....who knows the way our post counts keep going.....its like ground hog day
            In darkness we do what we can
            In daylight we're oblivion


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              Daren was it you guys opposite the boats on an a Sh##ty day, the canal was an orangy brown colour, heavy winds, went past but the colour was not good, any skimmers caught or was it all roach and perch, below the next lock is a good stretch but a bit of a hike, must admit love that canal, some great sport to be had on the seed in the summer.


              • #8
                Hi Steve, that was us.

                All Roach and Perch, no skimmers or Gonks (used to win matchs with gudgeon there but they seem to have gone ).

                Fished the punch myself, had 1lb 9oz of blades, hard going but kept me busy.


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                  the busiest time i saw was was redfin fighting a heavy joint ( BETWEEN 3-4) i think


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                    Hi Daz, you will soon be a 'trusted member' with all the posts your making

                    I will have to get that section rubbed down a bit, Browning top 2 into a Shakespear no 3 don't really go


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                      i know mate i noticed