sion farm match sat 15 th august henrys pool 12 pegs

1st phil watts aka le mo peg 1o 76lb 8oz
2nd paul hadlingtion peg 8 59lb 10oz
3rd gaz romaine peg 11 57lb 10z
4th sid siddel aka sid peg 14 51lb 5oz
5th jay davies aka cockney peg 12 41lb 1oz
6th george r aka mag man peg 13 38lb 12oz
7th phil cobb aka l dodger peg 9 38lb
8th steve aka noda peg 7 37lb 12oz
9th shaun aka sion king peg 5 33lb 15oz
10th tojo peg 6 30lb 6oz
11th ackoo peg 4 dnw

best silvers w8 noda 32lb skimmers

not fishing to normal standards and the flyers throwing up all the w8s

match next sat 22nd august some spare places if any one wants one let me know