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Lake John Midweek 19/08/09

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  • Neilio
    Nice to see fish other than carp making the weights...very good.


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  • justin case
    started a topic Lake John Midweek 19/08/09

    Lake John Midweek 19/08/09

    Mat Hart takes victory with ease as he takes aim with his shot gun feeder and keeps law and order on this match...

    Matthew Hart, Princess Alexandra Hospital, peg 32, 143-0-0
    Firstly to explain the the shot gun feeder, it is a open end feeder on one end and on the other it is filled in, it looks like a maggot feeder but in the centre there is a sprung loaded internal floor that compresses when full of feed but release's once it hit the bottom of the lake, very snaz Mat caught early on pole down the inside edge and at short range but the fish were of no great size so last years trick was to drop the feeder on the pole line and it was this revised method that de the biz, tench, bream and three great big carp all around the 20lb mark gave Mat a huge advantage, meat and corn to the hook.

    Robin Driscoll, RAD Law, peg 11, 114-8-0, golden peg
    Robin nearly had his golden peg, he has had a great match which was a carp dominated six big ens and three that escaped but Robin stepped up his tackle to deal with these big fish that had taken over his match, like Matthew he has cheated his way into the frame catching these carp but fair play you have still got to get them in, it was Halibut meat to the hook at 6m that kept em interested, Robin said after the match, "It was my goal to break through the 100lb barrier, I am over the moon", well done Mr. Driscoll you are a fine example of anglers that are learning there trade and putting the so called named anglers in the shade, three cheers for Robin............................&&&&&&&,......... ..... hip, hip, hooray

    Colin Bartlett, Lake John-J+B Tackle, peg 14, 102-4-0
    No carp for me therefore no cheating, another honest day on the meat up in the water, 12 tench and scattering of skimmers and bream...

    Martin Amos, Bedwell Fisheries, peg 27, 93-12-0

    Alan Hart, Lake John, peg 91-2-0

    Alec Roberts, Middy-Lake John, peg 8, 81-8-0

    21 fished