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Talk Angling Day - High Flyer Lake

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  • Talk Angling Day - High Flyer Lake

    Hi folks sorry about the wait, a bad back put me in bed for 5 days !!!

    Anyway here is a run-down of the TA match held at High Flyer Lake 21st August 2009.

    The weather was always going to be a factor in the catches, and the worst day of the week was yes Friday, our day out !! All week the rain/wind held off and even the following days were better as well.

    The meet in the morning went well with faces put to names for those who had breakfast and the rest at the lake. A review of the lake rules and then the draw went ahead. Paul and myself decided we should draw last. Nets were given out and everyone was guided in the right direction to their pegs. The whistle went at 10:15 and our match was going to last the usual 6 hours for a High Flyer match.

    After a sunny start the wind got up and made presentation pretty difficult at times with everyone affected. Luckily you don't have to fish out far to get the lumps in the lake so the long pole was a definite no no. After a slower than usual start a few fish started making an appearance around the lake with plenty blank spells for the 1st couple of hours. Next came the predicted showers and accompanying gusts of wind which didnt help with presentation.

    I could see those opposite sitting with prolonged quite spells which would have an affect at the scales. And either side of me I could only hear a few splashes at the net which was a sure sign of a poor day by High Flyer standards. My match didnt go to plan at all with the roach taking a liking to my paste, not letting the carp get a look in. I know there were carp on my paste line as a few did grace the net, but ended up foul hooking a few as well losing them in the process. The inside line didnt produce at all for me either, so looked for a few fish on the tip and was rewarded by a few 3-4lbers which was welcome.

    There were a few acceptions to the days trend at the other end of the lake. Those who did find some fish in front of them willing to get their heads down took good advantage of the situation, taking some nice fish in the process. I wouldn't say this place was peggy at all as the winner can come from anywhere on the lake.

    I hope everyone enjoyed the day, but cant help feeling many expectations were met at all. The usual big weights didnt come, and know it was just an off day for the lake and nothing to do with the anglers taking part. Everyone approached the day in the correct manner, making the best of the day given the poor weather. Weights were back up again the following day which shows its just how it goes.

    Well done to everyone who fished and it was nice to meet you all.

    Here are the results and link to some photos TA Day High Flyer Lake :: Talk Angling Day - High Flyer lake slideshow by LOCKIO - Photobucket

    Peg 2 - Justin Case (Paul Law) - 193lb - 1st
    Peg 4 - John Pesci - 81lb
    Peg 6 - Silverfish (Dan) - 97lb - 3rd
    Peg 8 - Colin Tasker - 41lb
    Peg 10 - Neilio - 26lb
    Peg 12 - Vic Nugent - Tipped back
    Peg 14 - Tom Rowell - Tipped back
    Peg 16 - Mickevered - 16lb
    Peg 18 - Groundworkergaz - 35lb
    Peg 20 - Mark Sawyer - 69lb
    Peg 22 - Keith - 63lb
    Peg 24 - Eric - 53lb
    Peg 26 - Jules-vega (Liam) - 30lb
    Peg 27- Fred 'the lead' Nixon - 79lb
    Peg 28 - Shane Knappert - 61lb
    Peg 30 - DNW (Steve) - 134 - 2nd
    Peg 31a - Winkledean (Steve) - Tipped back

    Well done again to everyone and hope the next one lives up to expectations.

    Last edited by Neilio; 27 August 2009, 01:15 PM.
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    Cheers nielio nice day out, except for the journey home because of the fire.
    Steve Davies


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      cheers mate had a good day and weights didnt put me off hopefully getting up there again v soon it was nice to meet everyone.


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        Excellant report and some great pictures on Photobook.

        If you sort out another day let me know. Date dependant I will go back.

        What midweek day are the matches on there?
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          thanks for a good match injoyed it and thanks for my nugget
          Foul hooking king


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            i think they are on a tuesday keith i might be on one in 2 to 3 weeks


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              Cheers mate, I will check out the works diary and try to get over there soon.
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